Big Brother Vip 2022, none out: Marco, Giaele and Giovanni nominated

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Three nominees on the September 29, 2022 episode of GF Vip: Marco, Giaele and Giovanni. Here’s what happened overnight.

Author: Andrea Parrella

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

The fourth episode of this edition of Big Brother VIP arrives on the sidelines of the post-election week that changed the dynamics of the house, with some tenants leaving only to go to the polls. This is one of the main reasons for motivating the choice not to proceed with any eliminations in the episode. To benefit Antonella Fiordelisi, who is led to believe that she was eliminated in the second round with Marco, before discovering, still in tears, that she is the crowd favorite. During the episode there was ample space for the story of Giovanni Ciacci, who told Alfonso Signorini about his HIV condition. Ginevra Lamborghini also had her space, as did Patrizia Rossetti, who spoke about the betrayal suffered by her ex-husband.

Who are the nomination contestants?

There are three nominees for the episode: Marco, Giovanni and Pamela. Their names come after the long round of nominations, which sees the group divided into two parts, with ten immunes who will be able to say their nomination in secret and the remaining competitors who will be obliged to express it openly. The ten immunes are: Charlie, Antonino, Daniele and Luca for the men, while Wilma, Carolina, Ginevra, Gegia the chosen women. Sonia Bruganelli chooses Patrizia Rossetti, while Orietta Berti chooses Orietta Berti. The obvious nominations see Attilio Romita nominating Marco, as do George and Pamela Prati, Nikita votes for Sara, Cristina votes for Marco, Giovanni Ciacci votes for Marco, who in turn nominates Giovanni “for his story”. Ciacci is irritated: “My story belongs to everyone”. Sara votes for Nikita. Edoardo votes for Marco.

What happened on the September 29, 2022 episode of Big Brother vip

The obvious indications are over and it’s up to the immune. Elenoire votes for Nikita, while Luca votes for Marco, while Ginevra nominates Giaele. It is up to Antonino who instead nominates Giovanni. Wilma also names Giaele as well as Charlie Gnocchi, also accusing her of doing nothing at home. Carolina also goes in the direction of Giaele’s nomination. Antonella, after being saved as a public favorite, nominates Giaele. Patrizia appoints Marco. Finally, Gegia names Giaele, with the same motivation as the other tenants, accusing her of not being involved in the house.

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