Fruko and his Tesos return to Barranquilla

After two years without singing in the capital of the Atlantic, Master Julio Ernesto Estrada, ‘Fruko’returns with his orchestra to perform as part of the largest festival in Colombia, the Barranquilla Carnival.

Fruko y sus Tesos is ready to perform at the La Típica carnival event that will take place this Friday, March 25 in Magda’s Heavenfourth floor of the Puerta de Oro event center, Malecón del Río.

“For me it’s a reward from God to be able to play in such a beloved city, where people love music and are demanding. This is the capital of joy in Colombia, so it’s important that the orchestra is there,” said Fruko.

It is worth noting that ‘The treasure of salsa’ He has not played in Barranquilla for two years, but he has not done so at Carnival since 2019, when he received the Congo de Oro special edition for his great participation in the growth of the Orchestra Festival, a day that delighted those present with the melodious chords of his below.

Fruko also emphasized how essential it has been barranquilla for its growth from the first time it arrived.

Source: El heraldo