Charlie Gnocchi in GF Vip 7 hits the window and destroys it

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Small incident at the GF VIP in the last few hours: Charlie Gnocchi crashed into the window that separates the lounge from the garden, destroying it. The video of what happened.

Author: Gaia Martino

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

This afternoon Charlie Gnocchi he bumped into the window that separates the inside from the outside of the house Big Brother VIP, shattering it into a thousand pieces. The competitor, speaker of RTL 102.5 and brother of the well-known Gene, had already become the protagonist of a very arduous battle with Atilio Romita. It exploded when the latter judged his shopping choices as “surreal”. Just now he smashed the window overlooking the garden into a thousand pieces: it’s not the first time he’s collided with it.

the accident video

At the GF VIP House this afternoon the contestants, after spending some time in the pool, headed to the living room. Before taking a shower, however, Charlie Gnocchi bumped into the window overlooking the garden, destroying it. The dynamics of the accident are unclear because the Chamber’s cameras at that time were filming something else. A loud noise, then the tenants’ reactions, “Oh my God”, “Get out of there“You can hear it in the background. But a video of the live broadcast circulates on Twitter, with Antonino Spinalbese in the foreground: in the mirror behind him you can witness the moment when the announcer broke the window. with his head: luckily he wouldn’t get hurt .

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Already several days ago, while he was in the garden with Cristina Quaranta, Charlie crashed into the window, however, causing no damage. “No love, were you hurt?” your tenant’s reaction.

The confrontation with Attilio Romita

In the morning, Charlie Gnocchi and Attilio Romita became the protagonists of a very tough battle while talking about the weekly shopping. When the reporter judged his tenants’ choices regarding food to be “surreal”, the announcer exploded, uncomfortable with that term used and of which he was accused: “You want to be an intellectual and you’re a living shit. But fuck you, which is better… Surreal to me!“.

Source: Fan Page IT