Wildlife NGO run by Prince Harry in crosshairs after the death of three men

A wildlife conservation NGO, chaired by Prince Harry, is currently being targeted after the death of three men two months later during the elephant movement.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

There african parksNGO dealing with the protection of wildlife, of which the Prince Harry figure as president, came into the crosshairs of the authorities suitcasewi later death of three men more than two months. The deaths were reportedly caused by the elephants transporting the animals from one park to another, as reported by the Guardian, which contacted an association active near the park. Kasungu National Park who stated: “Experience has shown that these conservation agencies care more about animals than people.” Prince Harry, despite being president of the association, was not informed of the incident, or at least was not involved in the investigations into the matter.

What happened in Malawi

According to a report in the British newspaper, in a tripartite operation between the Malawi National Park Service and the NGO African Parks and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), which provided for the moving elephants Three people died from one area to another, but it could have been avoided. It was one of the biggest operations in recent years, and even NGOs posted videos of the transport with elephants supported by a crane, but no post ever mentioned the death of two men in neighboring communities, which occurred during the transport of two male elephants transferred to the Kasungu National Park in July. A third person was killed by an elephant in September: Collins Chisi, 40, and Joseph Blackson, 29, in two separate incidents on 12 July, and John Kayedzeka, 30, who died on 16 September.

Malidadi Langachairman of a village association near Kasungu National Park, told the Guardian: “We welcome the relocation of these elephants as this will improve tourism to Kasungu. But we believe they should have completed the fence first,” Langa said. When they moved the first group of elephants, within a week or so they left the park on the unfenced side and entered the villages. A boy was killed. . When we brought it up, they said that the elephants are disoriented and doomed to leave the park. Around the same week, an elephant killed another person on the other side of the park.” Langa added that these NGOs are often more concerned with animal health than human health.

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