Paulo Londra is back: he released single after legal conflict

The conflict between Paul London and big leagues It became known after the publication of a letter on the social networks of the trapper in May 2020.

In that letter, the singer stated that he has experienced a “snaking separation” from the label co-founded by Daniel Oviedobetter known as ‘Ovy on the drums’ and Christian Salazarknown as ‘Christ’

“I trusted them, I turned down other contracts because they said they weren’t the best for me. I was excited, I thought the best was yet to come. I told them to call each other ‘big leagues’“Because we are going to grow so much independently that they will admire us,” said de Cordovan.

At the age of 19, Londra signed a contract with the Big Leagues in which he relinquished his publishing and songwriting rights for three years or more if an agreement was reached with a major label.

Fact that happened in 2019 when together with Warner music He launched ‘home run’his first record.

Paulo said he was tricked by his teammates into signing another contract.

“Kristo came with some photocopies, an expensive pen and a film maker, and told me we were going to make a video to upload to the networks and then he forced us to turn our backs on us and told me to sign some photocopies while they filmed us, I thought it was a simple video and I never thought this was a contract they are enforcing in such a misleading way,” he said in his publication.

Source: El heraldo