Big Brother Vip, Marco Bellavia decided to leave the house: ad on social networks

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Marco Bellavia has decided to leave the house of Big Brother Vip, this is the announcement communicated on the social accounts of the show. A choice that comes after a period of extreme suffering for the face of TV.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Marco Bellavia decided to leave the house Big Brother VIP. This is the ad that can be read on the social accounts of the program where the decision of the competitor was communicated, who a few days ago expressed his difficulty in facing the path in the most spied on house in Italy.

Marco Bellavia’s decision

A decision made after days of suffering and misunderstanding on the part of the other tenants, a condition that Marco Bellavia found difficult to sustain. The reasons for this choice are not specified in the ad that appears on social networks, although they are quite clear even to viewers who immediately commented with phrases full of regret for what had happened. The press release says:

Marco Bellavia decided to leave the house. The televoting involving contestants Giaele De Donà, Marco Bellavia and Giovanni Ciacci was cancelled. Users who voted by text message in the canceled session will be refunded.

Big Brother Vip was supposed to be a way to get out of a period of oblivion, but rather an amplifier of a series of insecurities and problems that Marco Bellavia carried with him for some time, as he openly declared also speaking with his adventure companions. In recent days he had been removed from the other tenants of the Cinecittà house in a very evident and rude way, so much so that a hashtag was born on Twitter in support of him or #iostoconbellavia. Several phrases that have been addressed to him in recent days, even behind his back, emblematic in this regard are the words of Ginevra Lamborghini that highlight the treatment adopted by some competitors, with the phrase “deserves to be intimidated” which was unanimously contested also on the networks social.

Source: Fan Page IT