Nikita Pelizon: “At 16 I thought about killing myself, I had everything prepared, but they stopped me”

Nikita Pelizon revealed to roommates at GF Vip House that she had a particularly difficult time. She was just over 16 years old when she decided to commit suicide: “They stopped me in time”.

Author: Stefania Rocco
Courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

Nikita Pelizoncompetitor of Big Brother VIP, told the House that he went through a particularly difficult time when he was still a teenager. A moment that marked her, so much so that she told her roommates that she met during this experience. What prompted her to open up was probably the fact that she broached the topic of “depression” after Marco Bellavia left home.

The Story of Nikita Pelizon

Nikita, one of the contestants who has shown greater depth in the house, recounted the dark moment she lived: “It’s not always an easy walk. As a child, I also faced a difficult time. I was just over 16 years old and I thought about leaving. At a certain point in my life I said to myself ‘I decide how long to live’. And the time came when I thought I was really leaving. I had prepared everything to do it. So they stopped me just in time. But now I see the moon, the clouds, I hear the people and I think that if I had taken this step I would not have experienced all of this. So I’m glad you did“.

Who is Nikita Pelizon?

Nikita Pelizon is a 28-year-old model and influencer from Trieste. She became known for participating in Temptation Island in 2018 in the role of seductress. But the real popularity came in 2022 when she participated in the Beijing Express in partnership with Helena Prestes. Among her famous former teammates is Matteo Diamante, a former competitor from Isla dos Famosos. Both participated in the Ex on the Beach format that popularized the couple relationship. She started working as a model at a very young age, at just 18 years old. At that time, the model broke off relations with her parents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose faith she decided not to share. Today, her relationship with her mother is still non-existent as he has regained the bond with his father and brother.

Source: Fan Page IT