Mother of Ginevra Lamborghini: “She is upset. She was humiliated and fed to sharks, shame on you”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Luisa Peterlongo, mother of Ginevra Lamborghini, spoke on social media to comment on the disqualification of her daughter Ginevra and express her displeasure for Marco Bellavia and the delicate moment she is experiencing.

Author: Daniela Seclì
Courtesy of Mediaset and Endemol Shine Italia press office

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Geneva Lamborghini he was disqualified by Big Brother Vip for telling Marco Bellavia: “He deserves to be bullied“. A very serious sentence that the production decided to punish for the wrong message he conveyed. At these times, viewers were divided between those who believe in the right disqualification and those who are convinced that he only paid for the gieffina (and Giovanni Ciacci who was eliminated ), when the competitors who should have been subject to the measures should have been many more. Luísa Peterlongo, Geneva mother.

The outburst of Luisa Peterlongo, mother of Ginevra Lamborghini

Luisa Peterlongo posted a long outburst on Twitter to comment on the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini. The woman expressed her sincere condolences for Marco Bellavia and for the delicate moment she is experiencing. However, he also broke a spear in Geneva’s favor:

I am the mother of Geneva and I feel compelled to write this thought and reflection of mine. I cannot remain indifferent and calm after what has been on the air. I saw the despair of a misunderstood and lonely man… was marginalized by the group and ignored by those who should have given his professional support. Why didn’t they act sooner? Why did they allow it to go this far? I would like to express my great displeasure to Mr. Marco Bellavia and I apologize personally.

Then he continued: “I don’t want to justify my daughter and the things she said about her. I don’t. As a mother, however, I grieve for her now. Ginevra is a good soul, but she made a mistake and ended up on the gallows. her. Because she fed the sharks… the same ones who get outraged and scream “NO TO BULLYING”. I don’t see an end to all this hate. I suffer because I still want to believe in the good and hope the words still have value and weight in my conscience of people but for now I only see hatred and hypocrisy”.

How is Ginevra Lamborghini after the GF Vip disqualification

Yesterday, in a series of comments published on Twitter, Luisa Peterlongo had already commented indignantly about the choice of Big Brother Vip to disqualify her daughter. Under one of the posts on Alfonso Signorini’s official reality profile he had written: “My daughter humiliated herself and put the gallows, fed the sharks. Shameless“Finally, for those who asked her how Geneva was doing, she replied:”She’s upset and sorry“.

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