Immersed in reading: the floating bookcase that looks like an aquarium

Architecture studio MUDA-Architects has built a library in China that literally immerses you in reading.

Author: Clara Salzano

When entering a library, it is common to wish, wherever you are in the world, to immerse yourself in reading. In China, on the east shore of Xinglong Lake Southwest Bay Area, Chengdu, a library was built that literally immerses you in reading. The project by the architectural firm MUDA-Architects is a floating structure that looks like an aquarium.

The Scythian Library in Chengdu on Xinglong Lake is part of the new and larger development of the southeastern district of Sichuan Province, identified with the name of Park City. The project serves as a hub of development and an attractive hub for the community with its iconic over-water design. The library is characterized by a 40 meter long rectangular building with high roofs.

Like an upside-down page, the curved surface of the roof is characterized by different heights ranging from the northeast end that reaches 7.5 meters to the southwest end that reaches 16 meters, so as to give the undulating feeling. Water. The curved roof is an interpretation of the sloping roof of traditional Sichuan council houses. The undulating design of the architecture allows the library to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural environment.

The idea of ​​the project comes from the image of “a book falling from the sky“, this is how the architects explain the concept of the library which in architectural form follows that of a book:”Opened in 2021 – says Muda Architects on Instagram – The CITIC bookstore on Lake Xinglong is a contemporary and timeless building that responds to the natural environment in a translucent way. Partially submerged, the building’s roof expands according to site conditions, creating the illusion of the library rising from the lake.“. Inside, the reading room has a side immersed in the water that seems to enter an aquarium. The objective, when entering the library, is to develop a dialogue of discovery with yourself.

Source: Fan Page IT