Victoria Beckham, because she erased the tattoos dedicated to David

Until recently, Victoria Beckham had a series of tattoos dedicated to her husband David on her wrists, but today things have changed. Why did the ex-Posh Spice decide to cancel them?

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Forget the times when Victoria Beckham she was one of the Spice Girls, today she left her music success behind and became a successful businesswoman. She launched a clothing line that she designed, created a beauty brand, regularly attends London Fashion Weeks and runs a number of boutiques that bear her name: in short, she is a true career woman. Of course, her family is also an important part of her life, just look at her social profile to understand, as she constantly posts photos and Stories in the company of her children and her husband. David. Recently, however, he caused quite a stir with a detail that made fans suspicious: he canceled a tattoo that he had dedicated to the former player.

Victoria’s Tattoos Dedicated to David Beckham

Tattoos are the fashion of the moment, so much so that it is difficult to find someone with a completely “candid” body. Victoria Beckham is just one of many who have not resisted the craze, although she has recently appeared to have retraced her steps. To commemorate her tenth wedding anniversary, she had the initials of the name David Beckham imprinted on her left wrist alongside the words “Together, forever, forever”. On his right wrist, however, he preferred a more complex tattoo with deep symbolic meaning. What did it represent? The Roman numerals VIII-V-MMVI, or May 8, 2006, the date she and David renewed their marriage vows, and below the Latin phrase “De Integro”, which translates as “From the beginning again”. According to die-hard fans, the tattoo would have represented the start of a new life in the United States after David’s move to the LA Galaxy club in 2007.

One of the first tattoos Victoria dedicated to David Beckham
One of the first tattoos Victoria dedicated to David Beckham

Victoria explains why she took the tattoos off her wrists

Today, however, the ex-Posh Spice seems to have regretted having decorated her skin with those indelible symbols of love. In some Stories in which she sponsored a lipstick from her makeup collection, he revealed an unusual detail: the “white” wrists free of any tattoo. Her followers couldn’t help but be stunned and immediately asked why she had her tattoos removed. Victoria did not immediately respond, she waited for the guest of the Today Show, on whose stage she explained that she was tired of those purely aesthetic drawings. Her words were: “I got these tattoos a long time ago and they just weren’t particularly delicate. They were very thick and often bled, so they weren’t as pretty, they didn’t mean anything anymore. I’m tired of these tattoos, it’s so simple“In short, Beckham no longer feels the need to show her love for her husband with a tattoo, which is exactly why she wanted to have them removed completely.

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