Why Carlo and Camilla Don’t Want to Live in Buckingham Palace

The reign of King Charles III is just beginning and it already looks revolutionary. Unlike his ancestors, the new ruler would have no intention of moving to Buckingham Palace: that’s why.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

the death of Queen Elizabeth II disturbed the internal dynamics of the Real family and not just because it marked the beginning of a new kingdom, that of Charles III, also ushered in a new era of monarchy. The current government official, who from his first speech stressed that Camila she would always be by his side in the role of queen consort, intends to modernize the structure of the kingdom, avoiding waste and favoring any type of eco-sustainable initiative. In the last hours the revolution began with the choice of the royal residence: that is why the new king would not have any intention of moving to Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace would not suit the ‘new monarchy’

Buckingham Palace has always been the Windsors’ main royal residence, the palace in central London where state events are held and where all official announcements relating to royalty depart. Although all English sovereigns have never objected to making it their main residence, it appears that King Charles III intends to turn the tables. According to rumors, in fact, the new monarch would like to stay with Camilla at Clarence House, where he has lived since 2003. The reason? Buckingham Palace would not be suitable for the new era of monarchy, especially as its maintenance would not be sustainable either economically or environmentally.

King Charles III wants to stay at Clarence House

King Charles’ indiscretion arose in the midst of a Buckingham Palace renovation project: for 10 years, taxpayers will have to finance works worth £369 million but, believing it is unlikely that everything will be completed by 2027, the monarch intends to revolutionize real rules staying at Clarence House. Buckingham Palace, therefore, could only be used for business affairs, that is, as a kind of headquarters from which simply state affairs could be dealt with. As if that weren’t enough, Carlo would also like to turn royal palaces into public places, in order to create a closer relationship between subjects and institutions. What projects will they actually be able to carry out?

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