Chiambretti’s ex after sentence in maintenance: “The war began to attack me”

Federica Laviosa, former partner of Piero Chiambretti and mother of his daughter Margherita, comments on the decision that did not reduce the alimony from 3,000 to 800 euros, as requested by the tenant.

Author: Stefania Rocco

The comment attributed is bitter, devoid of satisfaction Federica Laviosa, former partner of Piero Chiambretti, following the judgment that rejected the request of the lawyers of the well-known tenant for a reduction in the maintenance allowance from 3000 to 800 euros. according to reports The impression, the woman seems to have no intention of celebrating the court decision. “There are no bottles to open or to celebrate. I only care about my daughter’s good. Piero? I wish him happy, because with rancor and hatred he only poisons himself“he allegedly stated on the sidelines of the judge’s decision,”I only care about my daughter’s good. Everyone expects who knows what joy from me, but it’s such an unpleasant story“.

Federica Laviosa: “You don’t take your daughter’s mother to court”

Of course, I didn’t like ending up in court, you can’t do that to your daughter’s mother. I expected relationships to develop differently, there’s a middle child and it’s still a family“, Laviosa would have declared himself again and then would return to the relationship with the ex-companion”,This painful experience for everyone gave me greater awareness. The relationship with Piero was not healthy. It was one of emotional dependence, of submission. Sorry, however, that we’ve come to hate each other. And I don’t think it’s right to exploit situations to get at me. Because I have no doubts about one thing: this war only started to attack me“.

Piero Chiambretti: “I will try to appeal”

Chiambretti’s commentary collected by La Stampa is also devoid of overly strong statements. “I take note of the sentence. Obviously, I will try to appeal. This will mean that, for the moment, I will gladly continue to support my daughter.“, declared the conductor,”On the other hand, I never thought of not keeping it to the best of my ability. And with her I try to keep my mother as good as possible“.

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