Cristina Marino trains during pregnancy: “silk” leggings for belly exercises

Cristina Marino is pregnant but has no intention of giving up physical activity. During her pregnancy she trains regularly, so much so that she recently appeared in a sports outfit struggling with a belly workout.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Cristina Marino is pregnant, expecting her second child Luca Argentero and she couldn’t be happier as she will soon be giving the baby a brother or sister Nina Hope. he announced the pregnancy surprisingly last September, when she appeared on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival paired up with her husband, revealing a wonderful belly for the first time. Now the shapes of sweet anticipation are more and more evident and she doesn’t hesitate to enhance them with short tops and fitted dresses. She has also recently been shown to struggle with a maternity traininghinting that he has no intention of giving up fitness at this magical time in his life.

The formation of Cristina Marino’s motherhood

Unsurprisingly, Cristina Marino is passionate about fitness and that’s why she has no intention of giving up during her pregnancy. Many pointed the finger at her because of this choice, but she was not let down and explained that she is not obsessed with her body, but with following precise training under medical supervision that is good for both her and the child. Squats, side lunges, triceps and thigh exercises: the influencer shared her typical belly workout on social media, proving that it’s possible to stay toned and fit even while pregnant (of course after asking your doctor for an addendum).

Cristina Marino with the sporty look
Cristina Marino with the sporty look

Cristina Marino’s sporty look during pregnancy

What did she wear to her maternity training at home? A sporty outfit in the name of glamour. We are used to seeing maxi coats, mini dresses, trendy jeans and looks coordinated with those of Nina Speranza, but now Cristina has changed her mind. She paired a classic all-black sports bra with high-waisted leggings that hugged her midriff, to be more precise, a model in a shiny fabric that appears to be silk. Bare feet, hair pulled back in a shaggy ponytail, and jewelry around her neck and wrists: Marino managed to set the law in terms of motherhood style even during an invigorating, intense workout.

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