The goalkeeper of the Champions League ducks is the last flame of Diletta Leotta: here is Loris Karius

The presenter of Dazn would have started a relationship “of friendship” with Loris Karius, the famous goalkeeper of the ducks in the final of the Champions League.

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

Loved leota he would start a love affair with loris Karius. “People” know that they are talking about something that goes beyond friendship, to the point that she is perfecting her English language, as he is the current goalkeeper in the Newcastle United. But they also remember very well Liverpool and, in general, all sports fans. ‘Cause he’s the duck of champions turns on in the final between Reds and Real Madrid.

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The weekly “Gente” makes it known that Diletta Leotta, on mandatory parole, would have found a “new friend” in Loris Karius: “They’ve been following each other on Instagram for a few weeks now, and it seems that between the two of them there is a kind of fil rouge at the difficult time of classifying in the various facets of interpersonal relationships, let alone those of the heart” . According to Gente, Diletta Leotta’s alleged flirtation with influencer and surfer Giacomo Cavalli has already been overcome by impetus.

If gossip linked to Karius had a vague foundation, it would seem that with a blonde cyclone like Diletta not always everything is as it seems. Right now, it seems that the hostess is intensifying her studies to improve her English. The work demands and there is a need for a simple professional update. But now, in light of the rumor, we wonder: maybe there is also the desire to expand the limits of the heart behind the linguistic enrichment?

Loris Karius' duck
Loris Karius’ duck

Who is Loris Karius?

Loris Karius is a goalkeeper born in 1993, therefore he is 29 years old, of German nationality. He became popular in the negative in the Champions League final, 2017-2018 edition, when Real Madrid defeated his team, Liverpool, 3-1. In that game, in an attempt to make a raise with his hands, he causes a 1-0 goal, then is surprised by a long-range shot by Gareth Bale, who scores the final goal by 3-1. he talked a lot about that unfortunate performance, with a lot of solidarity from across the sporting world. Later, some medical analyzes reported that the errors could have been caused by a head injury following a clash with the Real Madrid defender. sergio branches. The fact is that after that season, the goalkeeper never played for Liverpool again, being loaned out for two seasons to Turkish club Beşiktaş, then returning to his homeland to ‘union berlin and banned from Liverpool last season. As of this year, he plays for Newcastle United.

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