The dandy style of Luca Salandra, the most desired model of the moment (and Deva Cassel’s boyfriend)

Long hair, silver rings and a new romantic style: the style revolution of Luca Salandra, the young fashion promise in love with Milan.

Author: Beatrice Manca

photo via Instagram @lucasalandra

Dark eyes, rebellious curls and an elegant and essential sense of style, as well as fashions and brands: let’s talk about Lucas Salandra, very young model who is redefining aesthetic standards on the catwalk. Indeed, fashion has opened up to new shades of masculinity, abandoning the stereotype of the muscular male: Salandra conquered Parisian catwalks with her mysterious and androgynous charm. Her name became famous for the romance with Deva Casselthe colleague daughter of Monica Belluccibut it will be his very particular style to launch him on the Olympus of fashion.

Lucas Salandra is a young Italian-French model (like Deva Cassel) represented by the Parisian agency Marilyn. Very little is known about him: he is 1.82 meters tall, is an AC Milan fan and divides his time between Paris and New York. His strong point is his long hair and rebellious heartthrob curls that frame a chiseled jaw. He walked the runway for Palomo and Amiri in stylish new suits and leather suits. Salandra is also the face of the Leonard brand and posed for GMARO Magazine in a velvet suit and ’70s sunglasses.

Luca Salandra on the catwalk for Amiri
Luca Salandra on the catwalk for Amiri

When not on the catwalk, he loves to dress casually, with oversized jeans and sneakers, and at social events he usually wears suits. Dolce & Gabbana, a mark of which his girlfriend Cassel is a witness. But this is the new romantic style that further enhances its particular charm: colorful suits, shirts with bright patterns, colorful polo shirts coordinated with the shorts. Her looks always have a bohemian touch, like the silver rings she never gives up. The elegant, slender, almost ephebic demeanor testifies to how much the fashion industry has changed, finally ready to embrace a less arrogant and more relaxed and label-free idea of ​​masculinity.

Luca Salandra, photo via Instagram
Luca Salandra, photo via Instagram

This summer Luca Salandra spent the holidays with his girlfriend Deva Cassel, one of the most beloved and sought-after models of the moment: between rehearsals, shows and services for fashion magazines, they created a romantic getaway by the sea. Before that, they were together in Venice, where they formalized their relationship in front of photographers and paparazzi. Not only do they share a passion for fashion, they also have a similar sense of style, made up of dry, everyday essentials, smooth lines and light colors. Not to mention the black curls: are they the new fashion power couple?

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