Fabio Fazio: “I’m a free man and that’s why nobody defends me”

Fabio Fazio, 1200 nights, 2.7 million viewers, could be in his last season with Rai: “I no longer have the anxiety of tomorrow. There’s this season, then my contract ends, we’ll see.”

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

fabio Fazio, 1200 nights, 2.7 million media viewers. This is how we summarize his first twenty years of “Che Tempo che Fa”. In a long interview with Oggi, the maestro talks about himself from the beginning until today. It was September 13, 2003 when the show started, at the time he didn’t wear a beard: “Now there, all white, helps to hide.” And Luciana Littizzetto: “He torments me about everything, with love, though.” A dazzling career has passed through many important personalities, from Barack Obama to Queen Rania, from Rita Levi Montalcini to Pele and Piero Angela, with whom he recently spoke about emotions and sexuality. With Lady Gaga: “Sausage yes, sausage no, she told us her grandmother’s recipe. Charming host: empathetic, generous.” While Madonna was not like this: “If you go on TV, you must give something of yourself. It was so professional it felt cold.” Fabio Fazio also removes some pebbles from his shoes: “The fact of being free is seen in these circumstances, because you are not defended by anyone.”

The last season of Fabio Fazio

This could be Fabio Fazio’s last season on Rai with “Che tempo che fa”. The world has changed and he is no longer afraid to look ahead: “I no longer have the anxiety of tomorrow. There is this season, then my contract ends, let’s see”. What if he left television for good, no drama: “What would I like to do? Nothing. Live.”

Fabio Fazio and the world of politics

Fabio Fazio takes stock of all the times that politics has been with him in the last twenty years. Some pebbles go away: “The fact of being free is seen in these circumstances, because you are not defended by anyone.” And also Rai executives, several, put them against: “When politics is aggressive it’s difficult for someone to take your side, it would be naive to expect that. There is loneliness.” A certainly historic moment was represented by Macron’s interview in France:

Italy was in crisis with France, Di Maio went to the Yellow Vests, Rai was detached. It felt like I had spoken to an enemy of the people. I think that meeting cost me the end of my stay at Rai 1. Me, a communist with a rolex according to Salvini? I have a nice watch, but it’s not a Rolex. And being a communist is complicated, you have to have conditions. I can not do it. Is Giovanardi mad at me for defending Peppa Pig? I’m very proud of it.

And about Giorgia Meloni she wouldn’t have said that she would go so far as to win the election: “No, neither me nor anyone else, I think. But I think in a way she is the more moderate part of the centre-right You have an opportunity historic. , to propose a modern, contemporary right and not extreme right. I hope you don’t waste it”.

The gossip about Francesco Totti

There is also space to comment on the gossip of the year, the split between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. Only Fabio Fazio, who Totti interviewed him, explains that an interview of the private side of his life would refuse to do so: “What would I ask Francesco Totti? I’d be in trouble. I don’t think it’s right to dig into people’s privacy to get a headline in the paper. Honestly, I’d rather not do this interview.”

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