Lourdes Leon Ciccone, the dress with maxi neckline and bare back hides a detail

Lourdes Leon Ciccone is back on social media with a bold look that could hide a clue to her professional future.

Author: Giusy Dente

Lourdes Leon Ciccone she returned to social media after a month of absence. Madonna’s daughter doesn’t share much about herself and her private life online, although in this period of things to tell, she would have plenty to tell. Lourdes is very active in the fashion industry and this leads her to travel a lot around the world. In June she paraded in Paris for Marine Serre. Then she was a guest at Tom Ford’s New York Fashion Week show alongside her mother: here she wore a provocative long, fitted satin dress. But something new is brewing, from a business point of view: and as good blood doesn’t lie, it’s a project that has to do with music.

Lourdes Leon Ciccone’s bold look

The new photos shared by Lourdes Leon Ciccone were posted by the model the day after her birthday. Madonna’s daughter turned 26 last October 14th. She didn’t reveal anything about the celebrations, just a celebratory post shared by her mother: a series of photos the pop star wished her with. Therefore, it is not known for sure if the new photos are about celebrations or a simple walk with friends. For the occasion, Madonna’s daughter chose the total black.

She wore a long black dress with deep V neckline (navel piercing can be seen), partially bare back, portholes at the hips and criss-cross detailing around the neck. He added a gold necklace with a large cross-shaped pendant, which still brings thefocus on cleavage. The bold look may hide information. In fact, Lourdes recently released the single Lock & Key under her stage name Lolahol. In the new scenes, however, he is joined by instrumentalist Trinity Vigorsky: could this be a clue to an upcoming collaboration? Not surprisingly, the post has a enigmatic caption: refers to the month of November, with music-themed emoticons (headphones and CD).

The 26-year-old is unstoppable and ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps. They certainly have in common the inclination to provocation and transformation. Lourdes never censored herself, preferring to express herself completely freely and boldly, authentically and without conditioning, even through clothes. Her looks leave little room for imagination, but they are the ones where she feels fully herself. And he has no intention of keeping silent.

Source: Fan Page IT