Elettra Lamborghini with the maxi neckline: her new floral jumpsuit costs more than 2 thousand euros

Elettra Lamborghini is back to surprise fans with one of her glamorous and sensual looks. She bet on the floral print, daring with a second skin jumpsuit characterized by a maxi neckline.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

It’s been several years since Elettra Lamborghini has become one of the most beloved faces on Italian TV and, although in recent months she has taken a break from the spotlight to enjoy married life with afrojack, is now back to work at full speed. Television hosts, never-before-seen musical projects and exclusive collaborations: the heiress is literally on the loose. Bringing all her experiences together on the show can only be the glamorous, hyper sensual style that has always set her apart. After the lace look and the braless men’s suit, this time she decided to focus on the flowers.

The flowery look of Elettra Lamborghini

Elettra Lamborghini always maintains a certain reservation about its upcoming television shows: it has a habit of immortalizing itself in a fully prepared dressing room, but without revealing on which stage it will display this look. He recently did it again, showing himself in a hyper provocative and glamorous version. She wore a second-skin jumpsuit with a black bottom but covered in red roses, a fitted model with long sleeves, padded shoulder straps and draped at the waist. Your quirk? It has a very deep neckline that highlighted the heiress’s explosive breasts.

Elettra Lamborghini in Saint Laurent
Elettra Lamborghini in Saint Laurent

Who signed the Elettra Lamborghini suit

Lamborghini has never hidden its passion for brands and, after showing off the new “luxury” wellies on social media, it has once again gone all-in on a piece that is not cheap at all. Her flowered jumpsuit is signed by Saint Laurent and in the fashion e-commerce it sells for 2,290 euros.

Saint Laurent jumpsuit
Saint Laurent jumpsuit

In the floral look, there was no lack of stiletto heels, she showed off a pair of high sandals in a contrasting color, emerald green. As for her hair, on the other hand, she kept it tied half-up, highlighting her porcelain skin and deep blue eyes. How many will have the courage to dare so much during the autumn?

Source: Fan Page IT