Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, the gossip continues: he in the bank, dreams of Italy

The cover of the day is for Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, the new football gossip couple. He is on the bench at Newcastle and dreams of Italy: in Milan, with the goalkeepers, they are not doing so well.

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

The cover of the day is all about Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, the alleged new football gossip couple. The Dazn host, according to rumors raised by Gente, would be very close to the German goalkeeper born in 1993, who became world famous for a tragicomic Champions League final, Real Madrid-Liverpool 3-1. He, guilty of two goals on that occasion, so tried to find a smile elsewhere. Now he is in strength at Newcastle United, in the Premier League, but he doesn’t find space there either. Could love push you to Italy?

the indiscretion

Diletta Leotta was seen this summer in the company of influencer and surfer Giacomo Cavalli, but summer is over and she may have chosen safer arms to confide in her feelings. Loris Karius, on the other hand, is very reminiscent of Diletta Leotta’s other great old love, Can Yaman. Would anyone object to Karius being nothing more than a Can Yaman in Teutonic sauce? The love, according to “Gente”, would have been proven by some suspicious movements on Instagram, but for now there is no evidence that this union has been made. Karius, however, looks around and says he put pressure on agents to find accommodation as early as January.

The future of Loris Karius

But who is looking for a goalkeeper in Italy? Roles seem to be covered already, but looking at top teams, there is something to be fixed. And what about the Inter that serenely accompanies the goalkeeper Handanovic until the end of his career, betting everything on Onana? Karius would be happy to make a third in Milan, just to be alongside Diletta Leotta. Even on the other side of Milan, the Nerazzurri team, they are not doing well: Maignan is injured and Tatarasanu is not so sure on the goal line. Loris Karius could even be a starter. Suggestions of fanta-market that are confused with fanta-gossip. It’s not true, but I believe…

Source: Fan Page IT