Fiorello moved to Rai2, “Viva Rai2” starts from December 5

After the controversies of the last few days, Rai dissolves its reservations about the return of Fiorello, who will return with Viva Rai2. The program will start on RaiPlay, from November 7, and from December 5, it will be broadcast on Rai2, every day, with a space included in the schedule that goes from 7 to 8:30.

Author: Andrea Parrella

At the end Fiorello will return to Rai, but not from the front door. The performer, who has been at the center of the debate for a return with a morning space for weeks, will certainly air, but not on the first network and the title of his program – Viva Rai2 – suggests what the location will be. A title explicitly evocative of the Viva Radio 2 operation that began a brilliant new phase in Fiorello’s career.

The novelty of this change is the CEO of Rai, Carlo Fuortes, who, when presenting to the Board of Directors of the company, defined the details of the new project of the artist, author and animator. Viva Rádio 2 will start from november 7th in the experimental phase, initially on RaiPlay, to later go live from December 5th on Rai2From Monday to Friday.

Like Viva Rai 2

The show will consist of 135 episodes in total and will run through June. It is scheduled between 7 and 8:30 am with a time yet to be defined in detail. In addition to RaiPlay, the program can be heard on RayPlaySound, Rai Radio All Italian. In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays, the best of the week will be broadcast on Rádio2.

Tg1’s protests

During the week, the theme of Fiorello’s return to Rai1 fueled Mazzini’s controversy. In particular, the cdr of Tg1 had contested the idea of ​​a space entrusted to Fiorello on the morning of Rai1, currently under the responsibility of the newsroom. Objection that immediately led to a clarification by CEO Fuortese in the next step of the same cdr of Tg1, which specified: “We like Fiorello, but with a project for us too […] Rg1 is not at war with anyone, as the newspapers write, least of all an artist he continually talks about his admirable television exploits.”

Fiorello’s comment: “I loved the first times”

“I thank Rai, especially CEO Carlo Fuortes and Stefano Coletta, for giving me the opportunity to return to RAI and do so in Rai 2.” Thus, Fiorello, hired by Ansa, commented on the announcement of his new program. Then he added: “It’s a choice that makes me happy, I love the first few times, even if in reality it’s a comeback. In 1992 I made ‘O novo Cantagiro’ and today, after a long journey of 30 years, I arrive very early at Rai 2 with a project that interests me a lot, and which, as it was with Viva Radio 2 and Viva RaiPlay, has that joyful of a new beginning”. There is no lack of words in response to Tg1: “I thank you for your words of esteem for me. […] I wish you to find the answers and solutions to work better”.

Source: Fan Page IT