Tommaso Zorzi: “Give me time to become a maestro, I leave the flops to bad analysis”

The main face of the Discovery world tells on the sofa of his Milanese home. From private life with Tommaso Stanzani to criticism received on the web: “Am I a failure? Give me time to become a conductor.” A complete analysis of Big Brother Vip, Drag Race and Tailor Made, but also the portrait of a 27-year-old who cultivates a dream that has partly come true.

Author: Andrea Conti

Tommaso Zorzi returns to the role of judge Drag Race Italy for the second year running, together with Chiara Francini and Priscilla. This year’s drag queens (almost all from central and southern Italy) will compete in the new episodes, available on the Discovery+ platform. Zorzi led, again for Discovery + and then with the episodes aired in Real Time, This is my house AND Tailor made.

He is the main face of the Network and promises that he will try his luck”on new television adventures“in the coming weeks. On Tommaso Zorzi also commented Meloni governmentthe rights of LGBTQ+ communitythe latest edition of Big Brother VIP and moving away from the spotlight of his relationship with the dancer and singer Tommaso Stanzani.

Drag Race Italia is now in its second season. What is the keyword for this year?

Talent. We focus the narrative on girls who can do many things and be complete artists, I think it’s right to highlight those qualities, in addition to the fun, self-ironic, irreverent part that is the backbone of a drag queen. I’m sure it will be a quality product this year. Not that last year it wasn’t, but you always have to evolve.

Last year there were moments of tension, especially the elimination of Enorma Jean. Could it have been avoided in hindsight?

I would have avoided. In this episode I didn’t express myself at all because I didn’t agree. But if three judges, two agreed and one didn’t… Ubi major.

“I’m not a lady” on Rai2 with Alba Parietti will see VIPs in a drag version. In her opinion, can a show like this nullify Drag Race’s message?

I am not competing with this program. If we talk about inclusion and then fight, bringing up the thesis that we should be the only show that deals with the theme of drag queens, we are going against what is the ultimate goal. That said, everyone is responsible for how they represent them, there is a way and a way to laugh with or with drag queens. Personally, I believe that there are conditions for it to be a good program.

You are an activist, at the forefront of defending LGBTQ+ rights. The Meloni government will have no anti-homophobia or rights law. What can be done?

We should continue to talk about it and keep the debate going. One of the problems behind the Zan Ddl discussion is that a lot has been said about it, but it hasn’t been addressed correctly. You need to talk to the right people about these issues, because they don’t need to be forgotten. Advertising never leads to results, because then you can be in deep shit.

“Do you know who is a woman, a mother and a Christian? I was thinking about it now: Annamaria Franzoni”, her sentence about Meloni generated controversy. What did you mean?

A person who strives to be a woman, mother and Christian, as if it were a symbol of being a good person, is not. It’s not that I go on stage and say: I’m Tommaso, I’m homosexual and I want to adopt a child, as if I could be a bulwark of a respectable person. So I just wanted to say that there are also women, mothers and Christians who did what they did…

After Big Brother Vip his life changed. What did you lose along the way and what did you gain?

I lost the spontaneity I had before, I didn’t have many qualms about saying everything I think. When I make deliberately provocative statements, I prepare myself and become more aware. What I gained is just that: a little awareness.

This year, at GFVip, the Bellavia case and the issue of mental health were discussed. What would you do in this context?

In hindsight, we’re all good at saying that I would have been there first to help you. I probably would have done this because I’m sensitive to the subject and also suffered from Big Brother anxiety, I sympathize with anyone who has that kind of need and feels lonely. However, it is difficult to think that people in general have the tools to deal with such a situation.

There is a lot of talk about the relationship between Alberto and Edoardo. There are those who compare it with his with Francesco Oppini. Do you agree?

Not. It’s totally different. My passion for Oppini lasted much longer and was much more modest, I kept it to myself and was more painful. They are more fortunate because they live lightly, I writhed in pain in the solitude of the room, it was more theatrical.

Why didn’t you take the Mediaset wave and go for Discovery?

The generalist, not only Mediaset, has little space for young people, also because the target audience is not. They inevitably look for characters who mirror their audience. At Discovery there is a younger environment and they invest more in young people: they gave me the opportunity to fill roles unthinkable to find in a generalist. I’ve been collaborating with them for a few years now and they’ve given me two driving and two seasons of Drag Race Italia as a judge. Find me a contract like this in Rai and I’ll sign it.

“Tailor Made” in Real Time totaled up to 1.1% share. What did he not convince, in his opinion?

These are programs created to create subscribers on the platform. The first two episodes shown for free in Real Time went well, so people went to Discover + to see the other episodes. And it is inevitable that the participation of the other episodes will drop. Anyone who says I flopped is guilty of bad analysis. Net is happy and we will do other projects together. When I see myself in ‘Tailor Made’ I feel good and that’s enough. Oh my ego! (starts to laugh, ed).

His late show at Big Brother at Mediaset Extra was a success. Didn’t think about doing it again?

There I also read that when that late show was successful it was thanks to others, when something goes wrong it’s always my fault. This thing makes me laugh. I’m 27 years old, I’m the youngest conductor of a generalist network where maybe the youngest is ten older than me. Will you give me time? So in ten years, let’s sit down and talk about everything I’ve done. Seems a little early now.

Speaking of “youths”, what do you think of Cattelan’s challenge at Rai2?

But he is very good. He’s doing something new for Rai2: a late show very American, although Rai2 is making great strides and creating a stable group of young people. Stefano De Martino is also doing well. It makes me happy when I see these results for others.

Her relationship with Tommaso Stanzani is now protected by privacy, after a period spent in the spotlight. Because?

I would like work to speak and not private life, which must remain private. Otherwise, it becomes a trio with the public, to which you are always accountable. There will always be someone who doesn’t believe what you say, there’s someone who talks about conjecture, someone who will still make you gnaw your ass when reading the comments. Regardless of how the relationship is, giving an account to a third party is not fair, there is also the arrogance of those who pretend to know your business and it doesn’t exist.

How do you take the haters’ comments off you?

What I learned is that it’s all virtual and that if you don’t read certain things they don’t exist in real life. It’s all the things that stay there. When I read fake and really bad things, I feel sorry for whoever wrote them.

How much has Milan influenced your life?

It’s a city that gives a lot, but takes a lot. It’s a city that exhausts you and I’ve had enough of mine, so this combination is sometimes lethal. This led me to suffer from anxiety, to face a course of psychotherapy, I had to take psychiatric medication. I also thought ‘what if I drop everything and go somewhere else’? I would probably be worse. They would lock me in a center directly.

If you stop driving, what would be your plan B?

There is no plan B, there is only plan A (laughs and evokes, ed). I can’t do anything else.

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