Elenoire Ferruzzi without makeup and false eyelashes: what she was like before she became famous

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Elenoire Ferruzzi is among the most beloved protagonists of GF Vip 7, but how much do they know what it was like before the success? Here’s a picture of her in her 20s without makeup and false eyelashes.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Elenoire Ferruzzi is among the most popular protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP, where from the very first episode she stood out with her flashy style made up of designer and conceptual clothes and XXL nails. In Italy’s most spyed house she spoke about her difficult past: she is a trans woman who has completed the transition path and today, after spending years fighting bullying and discrimination, she has become a gay icon committed to raising awareness of rights. of transsexuals. Today we are used to seeing her very blonde with huge eyelashes and flashy looks, but what was she like when she was young?

Elenoire Ferruzzi, the photo from when she was 20 years old

To reveal it was gieffina in person: on social media she has always shared some private details of her life, but it is only by digging through her profile that an old photo from when she was 20 years old can be found. Elenoire posed stretched out on the floor in a provocative version wearing only all-black panties. Micro high-cut thong, balconette bra and coordinated heel sandal: Ferruzzi revealed an impeccable silhouette. To make her almost unrecognizable are above all her hair: at the time she didn’t wear blonde, wavy and bangs, she preferred reddish brown and smooth, natural folds.

Elenoire Ferruzzi at GF VIP 7
Elenoire Ferruzzi at GF VIP 7

Elenoire Ferruzzi’s relationship with surgery

Elenoire Ferruzzi started resorting to cosmetic surgery at the age of 16 and, thanks to the completed transition process, she has changed a lot over time. Her 20-year-old photo proves this as she didn’t have false eyelashes, extra full lips and very high cheekbones at the time. The influencer, however, always kept us to clarify that she did not use retouching to correct herself, her goal is simply to transform herself into a work of art and today she is satisfied with the result. For her, “exaggeration is in the eye of the beholder, excess is normality”. In short, her body is a manifesto of liberation, an act of power and pride.

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