GFVip, Marco Bellavia sees Pamela Prati: “I wanted to kiss you inside the house”, she: “We’ll do it outside”

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Marco Bellavia and Pamela Prati meet at the GFVip studio and the complicity between them never seems to disappear.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

the return of Marco Bellavia in the study of Big Brother VIP it was a harbinger of emotions. She also came face to face with him Pamela Pratiwhich the former gieffino had particularly bonded with and created a complicity that suggested there might be something more between them.

The meeting between Marco and Pamela

Alfonso Signorini invited the dancer to leave the house, without explaining the reason for this sudden change, to surprise her. His entry into the studio was full of emotion, when the two saw each other, in fact, they were carried away by the enthusiasm with Bellavia who explains: “I found this level of consciousness very similar between me and her, the things i did i did with my heartalso because I’m not a great actor”. Pamela, seeing Marco, bursts out laughing: “How am I doing? Well my heart is exploding. But can’t I hug him?” Although from a distance, Marco does not hesitate to express his feelings and declares addressing the gieffina:

I’d like to tell you one thing with sincerity, when I had that meeting with Alfonso and the authors and they told me that you’d be there, as soon as I knew I did the silly thing for four five days, you know, all the things I if they were authentic, when i picked you up and wanted to kiss you, it was because i really wanted to. I wished so much that it could be a beautiful thing between us, so I started to stray and got into some trouble.

Pamela promptly responds, “But can I hug you? We can recover when I leave, I would like to hug him and when I leave here, if he wants, I will. I missed him at home, I miss him. We are very similar to Alfonso, in sensitivity, in authenticity”.

Sonia Bruganelli’s comment

Sonia Bruganelli also intervenes, who, as a good columnist, tries to draw attention also to Pamela’s faults in relation to Marco when he was sick in the house, but Prati soon specified: “Sonia, I haven’t seen Marco, these images you sent me I didn’t see him, otherwise I would have gone straight for him. Absolutely no, I didn’t treat him badly.” Sonia’s intention was to understand if Bellavia had had a different attitude towards her because of this transport, while underlining her more than mature behavior, with the decision to move away from her due to her state of mind, and it is he who replies: “I wouldn’t want to blame Pamela for this flaw, she was a person who saw another alone with herself and felt helpless.”

Giovanni Ciacci and Gegia’s Apologies

Before this fateful meeting, there was another confrontation between Marco Bellavia and Giovanni Ciacci present at the studio, who approaching the ex-gieffino said: “I was superficial, forgive me. I’ve been looking for you these days, can I hug you?”, then hug. Also gegia she tried to speak up and, emotional, justified herself, but Marco replied: “It’s not that you didn’t teach me anything, I have to divide my stay into two phases. In the second part, you didn’t understand me. My fault that I had something on my mind that was spinning. You said things you could have avoided. You said I was hitting on you and that’s not true.”

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