Bruno Vespa against Tg1, the live attack: “They are within limits”

The conductor of Porta a Porta does not spare the edition of Tg1 of a live double ride, first challenging his colleagues not to mention his program, then underlining his delays. After the Fiorello case, another problem for Rai1.

Author: Andrea Parrella

Bruno Vespa Rg1 attacks. the driver of From door to door he doesn’t send them out to tell colleagues of the boss he ran in the early nineties, openly contesting them live, expressing his disappointment, out of politeness and politeness, you might say.

Bruno Vespa’s controversy

The conductor, during the October 20th episode of his historic show, in fact launched a provocation to the presenters and presenters of Tg1 led by Monica Maggioni, in this way: “Now there is Tg1. I love Rg1 and will always announce Rg1. Some maestros don’t love us and therefore after Rg1 they say ‘see you tomorrow morning’ as if after night it’s over”. That’s not all, as Vespa takes the opportunity to reprimand Rg1 for taking up too much space and returning the line to Door to Door too late:

“We also ask Tg1 to keep within the agreed deadlines, without excesses that are now daily”.

Difficult weather at Rai1, the effects of the Fiorello case

Words, those of the journalist, which will certainly provoke reactions in the coming hours and which also seem to be children of the atmosphere created at Rai1 after the controversies of the last few days due to the Fiorello case. The showman, as is known, was about to return to Rai1 with his morning show, before a few days ago Tg1, through its CDR, launched itself against this hypothesis, claiming the Rai1 morning spaces as being the responsibility of the journalistic writing. Despite the company’s clarifications and the substantial retreat from the newsroom through an open letter to Fiorello, a few hours later came the communication of the transfer of the Sicilian showman’s program on Rai2, scheduled to start on December 5th (it will start a few weeks first on an experimental basis, from November 7 on RaiPlay).

Source: Fan Page IT