Samuel Peron and Tania Bambaci became parents, Leonardo was born

The Dancing with the Stars teacher announced the birth of her first child on Instagram.

Author: Andrea Parrella

Samuel Peron he became a father. The dancer and teacher dancing with the stars announced on Instagram the birth of his son, Leonardo, born of love with Tania Bambaci. “It is with great joy that I inform you that Leonardo was finally born this morning,” writes Perón in an Instagram story.

Samuel Peron and Tania Bambaci have been linked for many years, even if in 2020 they went through a moment of crisis that led them to move away from a crisis: “She accused me of neglecting her and thinking only about dancing – explained Perón – I felt misunderstood because she knows how important work is to me. We were about to leave but then the desire not to get lost was stronger than anything and we found ourselves”. In 2021 they decided to get married, publicly announcing their will, even though the marriage has not yet been celebrated, also due to the expectation of Leonardo’s birth.

The two had announced that they had been expecting a child for a long time, today is another day, telling that the date of birth of their first child was getting closer and specifying the meaning of the name Leonardo, in honor of Leonardo Da Vinci .

Who is Tania Bambaci?

Tania Bambaci is 31 years old, has been working as an actress for a few years. She is known to the general public for having participated in Miss Italy in 2010 and for having won Miss World Italy in 2011. She worked in some shorts and films, she also starred in two episodes of the film Squadra antimafia – The return of the boss in 2016.

Samuel Peron in Dancing with the Stars with Iva Zanicchi

This year Samuel Peron was confirmed in the cast of Dancing with the Stars. The teacher dances together with Iva Zanicchi and from the first episode was the protagonist of the debate around the program, discussing with Selvaggia Lucarelli her negative judgment on the couple’s performance, as well as the involuntary protagonist of Zanicchi’s gaffe, who insulted Lucarelli. whispering in his teacher’s ear, convinced he didn’t have the mic open. Perón, in turn, had defended her in this way.

Source: Fan Page IT