Samira Lui is Jennifer Lopez on Tale and Which Show, Malgioglio: “You screamed from start to finish”

Just like Show 2022

“You screamed from start to finish, Jennifer Lopez is inimitable”, that’s how Cristiano Malgilgio commented on Samira Lui’s performance in the October 21 episode of Tale and Which Show. The contestant sang “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Just like Show 2022

The October 21 episode of Just like they show opened with the performance of Samira Luis. The competitor led theJennifer Lopez impersonation and the song Let’s make noise. His performance, however, is not at all appreciated by the Judge Cristiano Malgiogliowhile it was appreciated by the other members of the jury.

Cristiano Malgioglio against the imitation of Samira Lui

Cristiano Malgioglio didn’t like Jennifer Lopez’s imitation of Samira. “Jennifer Lopez is the woman of the three B’s: beautiful, hot and bomb”, the judge started. And then added: “You’re Missing Two”. Immediately in the studio the audience reacted with whistles, showing disagreement with his words. But the artist remained the same with his comment, despite praise for the competitor’s physique: “You screamed from start to finish. Jennifer Lopez is inimitable”.

The comments of the other judges

L’Eredità’s teacher tried to respond to Malgioglio’s words by defending herself: “I was scared of your judgment but I had to do it”. In defense of the contestant came the other judges, who instead appreciated her performance in the Let’s Get Loud scores. “she is a beautiful girlI give you lots of praise and I don’t give up”he said Loretta Goggi sitting on the jury. Also Giorgio Panariello and the “fake” Giampiero Mughini, imitated by Tullio Solenghi, they praised her. Samira Lui then concluded, standing in the center of the stage and next to conductor Carlo Conti: “I know I still have a long way to go.”

Source: Fan Page IT