Michael Keaton misses SAG Awards win due to toilet visit

In her acceptance speech, the actress said, “Sorry, I ran to the men’s room, by the way, it’s so crowded in there.” he started. variation He then shared a clip from the press room, where Keaton said he thought he had at least 20 minutes until class.

Although his performance on stage started with laughter because of the bathroom incident, Keaton was also touched during his speech. Dopesick is a drama about the opium crisis in America and the actor dedicated the prize to his sister Pam and son Michael, who died of an overdose in 2016. Keaton also said he is grateful that as an actor he can reveal things. “I have a job like Dopesick that allows me to be part of a production that gets people thinking, sparks conversations and promotes change. Who can do a job like that? How privileged am I that something good can come out of what I do?

Source: RTL