George Clooney recalls ‘disastrous’ marriage proposal: Amal believed the ring was not hers

George Clooney shared some never-before-seen details of the marriage proposal to Amal. How many knows it was literally disastrous? Here’s what happened.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

George and Amal Clooney they are among the most beloved Hollywood couples of all time. He has always been considered the “golden bachelor of cinema”, she is a successful human rights lawyer: after dating for about a year, in 2014 they got married during a spectacular and romantic ceremony in Venice. How many, however, know all the details of their love story? Revealing something truly original was the actor, who, interviewed on The Drew Barrymore Show, recalled the first moments shared with the current woman. He mainly focused on marriage proposalamused himself by explaining that it was a real disaster, despite having planned it down to the smallest detail.

George Clooney’s Marriage Proposal

George Clooney’s marriage proposal to Amal? It wasn’t really a dream come true. The star called it “disastrous” despite having prepared everything down to the smallest detail. He had understood that she would be the woman of his life after a few months of courtship made up of vacations on Lake Como and romantic handwritten letters, it is no accident that before Amal she would never have thought of diving so quickly. To propose to her, he organized a dinner at home and, after enjoying delicious dishes prepared by himself and drinking champagne, the ring was delivered. The only small downside? That was precisely the moment when everything was in danger of falling apart.

Amal and George Clooney on the red carpet
Amal and George Clooney on the red carpet

George Clooney remained on his knees for 20 minutes

Clooney placed the precious one in one of the kitchen drawers and gently asked Amal to open it for a lighter. When she saw the jewel there was an “accident”: she thought it was there by chance, left by the woman who had lived in the apartment before them. At that moment the actor knelt down and started a romantic song in the background, but once again things didn’t go in the right direction. The reason? He waited at least 20 minutes before getting a yes for an answer. “Look, I’d like to marry you, but I’m not young either and now I’m on my knees… I feel like I might lose a hip”, were George’s ironic words in that situation. In the end, however, everything worked out and even today the couple is very much in love and united.

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