Dancing with the stars, Biagiarelli rebels: “Enough talking about history with Selvaggia Lucarelli”

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

Lorenzo Biagiarelli protests during the third episode of Dancing with the stars. “We talk about my story with Selvaggia Lucarelli and not about the dance”. The partner agrees: “He has an identity of his own and he wants you to remember it.”

Author: Stefania Rocco

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

Lorenzo Biagiarelli he rebelled in front of the jury and his dance partner Anastasia Kuzmina during the third episode of dancing with the stars. The cook’s disquiet arose from a comment made by his teacher during the second episode. “With Lorenzo we should have a coffee outside of training”, he had said, a phrase that according to Biafgiarelli would place his relationship with Wild Lucarelli, the show’s judge, rather than his performance. He then expressed his displeasure in the clip that preceded the third performance:

I am very disappointed because, for the second time in a row, something was staged for which there was no talk of choreography or dance. Because of Anastasia, because of what happened in the clip before us, another story that we’re not a couple because we’re not going to have breakfast. This skit is made up, which was very funny, because the fake skit is funny, but that thing there on the dancefloor becomes reality, it becomes the key to the interpretation. We are the ones to be judged for anything else. I need to talk about myself now. Am I here because I’m Selvaggia’s boyfriend? Yes, I also enter with the sign because it is the truth, but on the dance floor with Lorenzo Biagiarelli and to judge me, my partner is not there. And I wish the whole kit called to judge wouldn’t even think about it. The first is a joke, the second remarried in conversation and this thing hurts me cause I’m the gear, she’s the jealous** and she’s the poor victim. And in the end, the dance is not there. I didn’t bring a bad mood. I wish she didn’t either, and if she has them, she’ll let me know. I don’t want to be the “boyfriend of” or the “dancer of” on this show anymore. I want to be me.

Sara Di Vaira to Biagiarelli: “In this clip I only heard ‘me, me, me'”

Fábio Caninoanother member of the jury and colleague of Lucarelli, made a note to the contestant: “I don’t understand this strategy, he knows us. It’s really bad in the third part. That said, it has nothing to do with dancing, you did well“. A version also married by Ivan Zazzaroni. Sara Di Vaira instead, he emphasized another issue: “You want to be treated like everyone else, but you must also treat your dancer like everyone else. In that clip I felt ‘me, me, me, it’s Anastasia’s fault’. Seeing her not smiling, he left at the end of the dance without even bowing… Dancing is not about ‘me, it’s about ‘us’“.

Selvaggia Lucarelli supports comrade’s protest

Selvaggia, called on to comment on the performance, commented on the incident and her partner’s words: “They are among 12 different fires. I believe, for once, that reason lies somewhere in the middle. What he said suggests something. Lorenzo came here for obvious reasons, he’s my boyfriend and the dynamic it creates is fun. But he also has his own job and I find it very unpleasant that you only talk about ‘you are the boyfriend of’. He dances and wants to be judged for it and above all he has his own identity and wants to be remembered.“.

Source: Fan Page IT