Stefania Orlando can’t look at the photos of her ex Simone: “Aren’t you in love anymore? I can’t say it”

Very true 2020/2021

A guest of Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo, Stefania Orlando was unable to watch a film that retraced the fundamental stages of her long love affair with Simone Gianlorenzi, her ex-husband. And she admitted, “I can’t say I’m not in love anymore.”

Author: Stefania Rocco

Very true 2020/2021

An interrupted love the one between Stefania Orlando and Simone Gianlorenzi. After 15 years of relationship, a long relationship and the marriage celebrated in 2019, a few months ago the presenter and former face of Big Brother VIP and the companion decided to say goodbye. This was communicated by Stefania with a heartbreaking post posted on her Instagram profile. Next post that, by choice, Orlando did not add anything else about the breakup with the ex. He did it in Canale5’s living room. Playing a passage, the one that saw her look down at a movie made to remember their long relationship. “I couldn’t watch“, she replied when Silvia asked why she looked down,”There were no third parties. We grow up and discover that we have different needs. Simone had expressed her discomfort with our relationship. I enjoyed myself and understood“.

Stefania Orlando: “I can’t say I stopped loving”

Stefania gives a glimpse when, faced with the questions of the presenter who tries to test the ground to understand what is behind the unspoken phrases and the crisis that preceded the choice of separation, she admits that she has not stopped loving her ex-husband:

I can’t say I wasn’t more in love and I don’t think this period is easy for him either, but I don’t want to claim the right to speak for him. It wasn’t a traumatic breakup, we talked a lot and promised to always be there for each other, but you don’t become friends overnight. At the moment, I don’t think we can recover. Am I still in love? I can’t help but have feelings for him. But I don’t expect any gesture from him, I don’t expect anything. I followed my own path and I’m trying to rebuild my path. I’m enjoying my friends, I’m planning trips, I’m rediscovering things I had left out before. Family, friends, work. I think it’s important for all women who are lost.

Stefania Orlando: “The children didn’t come and I never looked for them”

Toffanin asked her colleague if she had felt, during the long parenthesis spent with Simone, the desire to be a mother. “I have never felt the desire for motherhood, although I am a very motherly person.“, the former host of Rai admitted,”The children didn’t come and I didn’t even wonder why. Of course, if they had come, I would have been delighted.“.

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