Dancing with the Stars 2022, no couple eliminated: the ranking of the third episode

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

The third episode of Dancing with the Stars 2022 aired on Saturday, October 22 on Rai1. No couple was eliminated. The leader of the ranking was formed by Paola Barale and Roly Maden.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

Saturday, October 22 the third episode of Dancing with the Stars 2o22. The show was broadcast by Rai1 with the conduction of Milly Carlucci and the participation of Paolo Belli, Carolyn Smith, Ivan Zazzaroni, Fabio Canino, Selvaggia Lucarelli and Guillermo Mariotto as judges, while Alberto Matano as columnist. No pair has been eliminated in this third nomination of the show. Leading the standings Paola Barale and Roly Malden with 52 points.

Who is the contestant eliminated on the October 22 episode

No couple was eliminated during the third episode of Dancing with the stars 2022. The ranking saw in the last three places, against all expectations, the couples formed by Rosanna Banfi and Simone Casula, Ema Stokholma with Angelo Madonia and Gabirel Garko with Giada Lino. But Milly Carlucci, host, explained that in reality, nothing on the show is what it seems. And indeed, the three playoff duos are the most voted and will have a 10 point bonus each for next week (Saturday 29 October). The reason no contestants left the show is Luisella Costamagna’s injury: the host explained that letting a couple out would not be right for the race.

The rating of the third episode

The ranking of the third episode of Dancing with the Stars 2022 sees in first place, with 52 points, the couple formed by Paola Barale and Roly Maden. In last place, Luisella Costamagna, injured, and Pasquale La Rocca with 13 points. Below is the full ranking from the October 15th episode:

  • Paola Barale and Roly Maden 52 points
  • Dario Cassini and Lucrezia Lando 50 points
  • Rosanna Banfi and Simone Casula 47 points
  • Enrico Montesano and Alessandra Tripoli 46 points
  • Gabriel Garko and Giada Lini 42 points
  • Alessandro Egger and Tove Vill for 36 points
  • Iva Zanicchi and Samuel Perón 32 points
  • Lorenzo Biagiarelli and Anastasia Kuzmina 31 points
  • Alex Di Giorgio and Moreno Porcu 30 points
  • Ema Stokholma and Angelo Madonia 30 points
  • Giampiero Mughini and Vera Kinnunen 14 points
  • Luisella Costamagna and Pasquale La Rocca 13 points

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