The wedding of Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi: “We celebrate our love”

Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi tell of the love that unites them and the emotion of the most beautiful day of their lives: their wedding.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

in the living room Silvia Toffanin were guests on the Sunday October 23 episode of Verissimo, Gianmarco Tamberi AND Chiara Bontempinewlyweds, they talked about their most beautiful day, getting emotional and talking about their love.

The wedding story

Last September 2, the Olympic champion and his girlfriend swore eternal love, becoming husband and wife: “It’s very special, it’s very beautiful, to think you’re my wife“says Tamberi talking about this new phase of his history with Chiara who adds: “Marriage has changed something, even though we’ve been together for many years, now I feel more like her”. The emotion of that day was incredible as the new bride says: “I was very emotional, I am extremely sensitive, I experienced the whole organization to the fullest, I was very tense, even because up to 20 seconds before she came in it was raining”. Even the champion admitted that he was thrilled, despite not expecting to be able to try something this strong:

I never thought of a day when I could get so emotional, I always saw it as her dream, a day when beauty is celebrated. When I turned around, it was the five minutes of waiting for her, I think I cried from the first to the last minute, I was worried to see her tense, when she smiled at me it was a beautiful moment, my heart melted.

The emotion of Gianmarco and Chiara

The moment of reading the promises was the most romantic and intense, as described by the images broadcast on TV, where Chiara Bontempi could not contain her tears: “I have a lot of effort, being able to be there in front of everyone was an important goal, it’s a huge emotion to read your promises in front of everyone, to the person you love. So much so that after I told him I was fine.” Those moments were also wonderful for Tamberi: “Seeing her go beyond her fragility to celebrate our love was beautiful.”. Emotion, emotion, but also a lot of lightness and fun, are the ingredients of their love story: “We are opposites, she is a perfect woman, because really everything is in order, I am on the other side.” something that also confirms: “I’m also a little too perfect, I expect a lot from me, he also teaches me to relax, I keep him calm, he’s a little crazy, he’s tough, but I feel lucky.”

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