Garrison Rochelle: “I loved a woman, I had few important stories and I always suffered”

Garrison talks about himself in Silvia Toffanin’s room, talking about his career, about the symbiotic relationship with his mother, but also about the love that caused him many sufferings.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Guest of the Sunday October 23 episode of very true he was a familiar face on TV, that is, Rochelle Garrison that he told in the living room Silvia Toffanin how your career was born. Arriving in Italy from the United States, he found on TV a space to grow professionally, and in his private life he achieved a life marked by important but also painful stories.

Garrison and the relationship with his parents

Sixty-seven on November 4, Garrison Rochelle appears on TV as an eternal boy in love with life, a verve he says he inherited entirely from his mother: “She is 92 years old and is everything to us and her mother raised 4 respectable children, we have the same temperament, I am the strongest, I am very similar to her.” However, despite this symbiotic bond, the choreographer has not seen his mother for a long time: “I haven’t seen her for 5 years, there was a covid in the middle, we always hear each other, this year I have to go, I need to see her, hug her “. If with the mother there was always this beautiful relationship, with the father it was not so simple:

I never had a relationship with my dad, we were 4 kids but he never raised any of us well, he was an orphan because his parents are gone and he passed from one relative to another, he didn’t know how to grow kids, I’m sorry.

Success as a trainer for Amici

Arriving in Italy in the late 80’s, brought to TV by Heather Parisi, after having also worked in Broadway theaters, Garrison entered the world of the small screen participating in dozens and dozens of programs, becoming one of the most famous faces of a show like Amici: “Each one of these guys who entered the studio, I have a history with them, the esteem of the dancers and colleagues, what more can you ask for?”.

Garrison’s loves, including a woman

He has had many experiences in his life, as Silvia Toffanin tells us, who asks him if he has ever had problems declaring himself to be homosexual, both in his family and abroad: “The only time my mom said anything, was when she’s very Rock Hudson, she said “be careful”. He wanted me to understand that he knew,” says the dancer who adds: “I never had a problem with bullying. I accepted when I was 19, for the first time I fell in love with a man. When I understood that, I said to myself, okay, one less problem.” Among his many adventures was also the one with a woman: “During college I fell in love with a woman, we lived together, she treated her very badly, she didn’t want to know, while all her boyfriends became like children to her.” Love has always played a key role in Garrison’s life, which has not spared him suffering:

Boyfriends 4, few serious stories, stories well, I was young too. I was always looking for someone to teach me something, I felt behind, I was looking for someone to enlighten me, that was the important thing, I had to have someone to teach me something in life. I suffered a lot of tragedy. He didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, he always cried. Maria also lived one of my loves and told me I couldn’t go on like this. I’m single now and I’m fine.

Source: Fan Page IT