Ilary Blasi with leggings and a leather jacket: in autumn leggings are used for going out

Ilary Blasi proposed a new autumn look capable of mixing comfort and glamour. She combined a leather jacket and leggings, proving that leggings are also perfect for a night out.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

For months Ilary Blasi is on the front pages of newspapers due to the separation Francesco Totti. If initially the two preferred to keep a certain reserve on the matter, now they seem to be “loose”: if on the one hand the player does not hesitate to let himself be seen in public with the new flame Noemi Bocchi, the presenter makes fun of the issue of stolen Rolexes if immortalizing with the blink of an eye from one of the brand’s boutiques. It is the latter that is super active on social media, where every day she documents everything she does, from the nights spent with the children to the walks in the center of Rome with friends. Last weekend he did it again, offering a comfortable yet trendy look.

Ilary Blasi’s comfortable and modern look

Ilary Blasi started her “new life” as a single and can’t help but document it all on social media, where she regularly flaunts provocative fashion and clothing. After celebrating her sisterhood with welded anklets, she went out with her friends last weekend and took the opportunity to give the best in style. He perfectly blended comfort and glamour, proposing an outfit that will prove to be ideal for autumn nights. The presenter actually paired the classic black leather biker with a pair of emerald green leggings, to be more precise a ribbed model in full ’80s style. not just for the gym.

Ilary Blasi in leather leggings and bikers
Ilary Blasi in leather leggings and bikers

Are leggings the new autumn must?

To top it off, Ilary wore all-black ankle boots with stiletto heels, revealing the umpteenth fashion shoes in her collection. Blond hair loose and loose, eyes surrounded by a marked line of eyeliner and nude manicure: Blasi once again appeared impeccable in the selfies posted on social networks. Will she be able to do her ribbed leggings that the new autumn must? The only thing that is certain at the moment is that they are perfect for adding a vitamin touch to her image, especially on gray and gloomy days.

Ilary Blasi's Autumn Look
Ilary Blasi’s Autumn Look

Source: Fan Page IT