Andrea Nicole on breakup with Ciprian: “I was blind, but I still dream of being a mother”

“It’s a period of psychophysical recovery,” Andrea Nicole tells after breaking up with Ciprian Aftim, known for Men and Women. “I had a big breakdown, I lost a lot of weight. What happened will teach me.” Looking to the future: “My regret? Living in a country that puts the presence of a man as an embarrassment for me to be a mother.”

Author: Giulia Turco

Andrea Nicole it is a full river. Her overflowing emotionality is clear and transparent, her power helps her to keep her direction fixed. The storm pushes the debris into the dikes, then continues to flow. he meets her for the second time. A year ago he came out of a TV show, Man and womanthat achieved the goal of “normalizing” the stories of women who faced a gender transition. Two of them left, she and Cyprianwhereas today we are from end to end of the phone in two-way chat.

The announcement of the separation between you and Ciprian was completely unexpected. You seemed serene until some time ago…

We looked at peace because we really were. Nothing was ever built. We were one of the least social stories in the history of the show, by my will. I wasn’t looking for visibility, my intention was really to find a person.

Let’s rewind the tape. In December 2021 you leave Men and Women together, move to Rome for him and live together for almost a year. What happens from there?

A lot of things happen, some I’ll never tell… and that’s why after a year we find ourselves talking to ourselves. The cut-off point comes a few weeks ago. He imposed a definitive stop on me, there were no more conditions to continue.

But recently you gave an interview totally denying the possibility of a crisis between you. Why?

To protect both of us and try to save the situation. When a crisis is publicly announced, external factors take over and make the situation worse. I preferred to keep it to myself until it was resolved, one way or another.

It’s not your first love wound, but it’s your first one in the spotlight. Does that make it more painful?

It’s not the media exposure that makes it so painful, but what I invested in. For me it was a comprehensive relationship, I didn’t set limits, I lived it like I never did in the past. When I decided to stay with Ciprian I took my life and put it on hold. From what happened, it’s like I spit in my face.

Do you think Ciprian may have used his story to gain visibility, lying to his intentions?

I don’t think so, I mean: I never questioned his interest in me, but in a way I was blind. That’s why I’m more disappointed in myself than in him.

How do you explain his total silence on social media, even after the announcement?

I don’t know how to answer you. I decided to communicate the separation because personally I have nothing to hide. I am consistent with myself, sincere and always honest. I had nothing to be ashamed of or complain about. I felt very happy doing this.

The way you talk about him shows that you still care a lot about him.

That’s how it is. Even when I’m hurt, I can’t make my pain a weapon. There will never be any intention on my part to discredit you. What happened will serve as a lesson for me. A psychologist helped me to clarify inside and outside myself. I will make it a mission: to help others get through their difficult times.

Where will Andrea Nicole put her new roots now?

My roots are my family, I returned to Milan precisely to regain my stability. This is a period of psychophysical recovery. In the last two months I had a serious breakdown, I lost a lot of weight, a lot of hair.

You said that sometimes anxiety takes over. What monsters are hiding behind your fears?

Moving away from a goal I’ve been waiting for all my life: emotional stability, a family. The fear of being alone forever, even though I know I’m never alone (laughs, listening to yourself, ed).

Let’s turn the page. I know you are following Eleonoire Ferruzzi on GFVip. Yours are two similar stories, but told on TV in diametrically opposite ways…

My interpretation is precisely this: although we have faced the same transition path, we are different people. His is a representation, certainly not the closest to me. But only a fool would think that all trans people are Eleonoire, or are Andrea Nicole. As not all biological women are the same. It is the intentions that make the result.

And in your opinion, what were Eleonoire’s intentions in building her character?

Your character is a double-edged sword. She is very cool, but often shows nothing but the whimsical side of herself, so the viewer is entitled to believe that there is nothing else. Certainly not. I think she’s afraid of herself. I think the choice to modify her body in this way is also a form of self-defense.

We saw her making out very quickly with some of the guys in the house. I would have expected more distrust, more measure, from a person who has his story behind him. How did you read these situations?

This, for example, is me: shy, distant, suspicious. In this too we are different, we are the opposite in everything. I think you have such a strong emotional need that it makes you see things that aren’t there. Twice she misread the attentions of a man who was downright friendly. I think it’s his fault…

In an interview with the Rolling Stones in 2019, he says: “The flaw I attribute to many trans women is that they want to go beyond being a biological woman, which is simply impossible. In this aspect, they also suffer from an embarrassment that society imposes, they want to be something defined.”

I don’t see any embarrassment in being born a man, but feeling like a woman. The purpose of the transition is exactly that. If she doesn’t want to identify with either gender, I raise my hands, that’s still a different thing, but why judge different choices from yours then if they don’t even concern you? Sounds like a self-reported statement to me.

In your being a woman today, how much space does the desire to be a mother have?

It’s a sore point… (between tears, after a pause of silence, ed). It’s a wish I’ve had for years and I think I can stay behind me forever. When I think of relationships, I think of being a mother, wife. For me this is happiness. My regret is living in a country that, even if I wanted to be a mother, imposes the presence of a man on me as an embarrassment.

And in that regard, how much do you care about the prospects of current politics in Italy in terms of family, civil rights?

It’s one more obstacle. For Italian politics, single adoptions have always been denied, so the government changes, but nothing changes about it. It is a pity that an unmarried man or woman cannot take care of a child for the State. I find it very reductive.

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