Charles and Camilla on the royal card: the queen consort wears pearls worth over 50,000 euros

King Charles III released the first royal cards of his reign, he chose a photo from 2018 in which he appears next to Queen Consort Camilla. He in a pinstriped suit, she with a precious pearl necklace: the new rulers have shown that they have plenty of elegance.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

the reign of King Charles III it officially started and, in addition to institutional commitments around Great Britain, must also respect a number of legendary traditions. The first concerns the Birthday card royal, or the greeting cards which the sovereign must send each year to his subjects on important occasions. The new edition of the iconic postcards features Carlo as the protagonist but, unlike most of the ancestors, the latter decided to pose alongside Camilla. However, he did not create an unprecedented portrait, for the occasion he limited himself to “recycling” a photograph of a couple from 2018. The queen consort, who appeared very elegant in total white and with a very precious pearl necklace around her neck.

What is the royal birthday card

The English royal birthday card is the greeting card that the reigning sovereign sends every year to all those who reach important milestones in the kingdom, namely their 100th anniversary or their 60th wedding anniversary. This is a very old tradition, in fact, it dates back to 1917 when King George V first sent telegrams to his subjects celebrating special events during the year. Elizabeth II sent around 1.3 million postcards while on the throne and King Charles III apparently has no intention of giving up on the legendary custom. The particular thing is that the new monarch decided not to let himself be immortalized alone by the official portrait, by his side wanted the queen consort Camilla, proof of the fact that he will be very present in this new era of the English kingdom .

Carlo and Camilla's First Birthday Card
Carlo and Camilla’s First Birthday Card

Carlo and Camilla’s looks for the royal postcard

Carlo and Camilla have nothing to envy to their predecessors in terms of elegance and they proved it with the photo chosen to make the real cards. The king looked impeccable in a dark blue pinstriped suit, paired it with a white shirt and light blue tie, complete with a matching handkerchief in his pocket and a colorful flower in his lapel. The queen consort preferred total white with a bon-ton dress with a V-neck and long sleeves. The real gem of the look, however, is the necklace: a necklace with four pearl necklaces and a diamond-set clasp. Camilla often wore it during royal events, proving that pearls are among the gemstones most loved by royalty (Elizabeth II couldn’t do without them). According to expert estimates, it is a truly precious gem: it would be worth 50,000 pounds, or more than 50,000 euros.

The official portrait of Carlo and Camilla
The official portrait of Carlo and Camilla

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