The longest computer keyboard in the world: can also be used with four hands

Google Japan introduced the world’s longest keyboard that allows you to have all the keys lined up to be used even with four hands, like a piano.

Author: Clara Salzano

The ggboard keyboard

Such a long keyboard has never been seen before, measuring 165 centimeters in length and as narrow as a single fret. The Gboard Stick is a prototype keyboard released by Google Japan that allows you to have all the keys aligned and use the keyboard even with four hands, like a piano.

Google's new keyboard
Google’s new keyboard

The Gboard stick is a new type of keyboard that places all the keys in sequence, making it easier to find characters. So you no longer need to go looking for that or that letter, just follow the line of characters, placed in alphabetical order, to compose the sentences you need: “In addition to the “one-dimensional QWERTY layout“- explains Google Japan- Similar to a general keyboard, the key layout also supports intuitive ABC order “ASCII code layout“.

A Google video on youtube showed how the new keyboard works. At the moment, the Gboard Stick is just a prototype and Google doesn’t intend to produce it yet, but has provided the GitHub files with open source firmware, wiring diagrams, and design drawings to build the long keyboard yourself. The innovative keyboard can be produced with a 3D printer.

The keyboard’s depth, equal to a single key on a traditional keyboard, also allows you to have much more desk space. It is not known if it could be more comfortable to use, but in the Google Japan video, quite ironic, it also shows a series of alternative uses that can be made of the keyboard as a stick to catch things that have fallen behind furniture or as a ruler or as rod, support for excursions. Of course, these are prank proposals from Google Japan, but they could come true if someone decides to produce the original keyboard on their own.

Source: Fan Page IT