GFVip, Nikita: “I ran away from home, the police got me back”, then gets emotional with the family

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Nikita Pelizon told her story on the October 24 episode of Big Brother Vip: Raised in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, at 16 she ran away from home and prepared everything to take her own life. He then met his sister Jessica and brother Raffaele.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Also Nikita Pelizon, on the October 24 episode of Big Brother Vip, told his personal story. In recent weeks, the model had said that she suffered from depression and thought about taking her own life at 16. Tonight the 28-year-old model explained the reasons behind that thought and was surprised by her sister Jessica and brother Raffaele.

Nikita Pelizon’s Family History

In the Room of Mysteries, in connection with Alfonso Signorini, Nikita retraced her childhood and difficult adolescence. She grew up in a family where her parents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, were very religious:

I immediately realized that I didn’t live a childhood like everyone else because I was preaching the word of God, I grew up with the Bible in front of me, my parents are very practical. When the other kids were celebrating their birthdays, I had to stand outside the door. I couldn’t stay with my classmates more than school hours because we only hung out with people of the same religion.

The thought of suicide and running away from home

At 16, something changed: Nikita ran away from home because her family had already planned an arranged marriage for her with a boy of the same religion. The police soon after brought her home, but her parents from that moment on did not want to know anything about her and did not support her further:

At 16, I plucked up the courage to leave home. I wanted to stay silent for two years in the South, without having contact with my family, and then call them when I was 18 and say I was fine and start my life. I had seen my brothers leave the house. From then on, two years started supporting me, dropping out of school, working in a bar, giving private lessons, babysitting, picking up clients.

In the same year, before running away from home, Nikita decided to take her own life because she was tired of the family context in which she found herself, so much so that she had already prepared everything:

At 16, he could no longer stay in that family and religious context. I knew what I was going to face, I had already prepared the kit to ingest to go out. I’m glad it didn’t, but it wasn’t the last time I thought about it. When my brother left home, I entered the negative cycle of loneliness and abandonment, I no longer spoke at home.

When she came of age, the model began to pursue her dream of becoming a model. A dream that the family never fulfilled: “My mom told me ‘if you keep this up you know you’re out’. So I packed my bag and left, sat on the sidewalk not knowing where to go. I cried for 4 hours and then I looked up at the sky saying ‘at least six free ‘”.

Meeting with sister and brother

Nikita Pelizon then received a surprise from her older sister Jessica and her brother Raffaele, who is two years her senior.. “We are a family, no one is alone. We decided to come and say hello”, said the sister. And then she added: “I know you suffered when I left the house without turning around, so you understand why. Sorry if I haven’t given you some thought too.”

Then the competitor’s brother took the floor, reassured her and invited her to continue like this: “It was a difficult situation for everyone., we had to run away, but that made us grow as much as the people. You took giant steps, Hurricane suits you.” Nikita then found out, thanks to her brother and sister, that her parents are also following their way at Casa

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