Maria De Filippi argues with Pinuccia about men and women: “Resign yourself, Alessandro wants to be alone”

Men and Women 2022/2023

Accasa discussion between Pinuccia and Maria De Filippi for Men and Women. The lady does not accept that the knight Alessandro does not want to continue the acquaintance, so the presenter raised the tone: “He resigns, he wants to be alone”.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Men and Women 2022/2023

It is confrontation between pinuccia AND Maria De Filippi in the episode of Man and woman aired on October 25th. The parterre lady does not accept this knowledge alexander cannot continue and expresses all his disappointment to the presenter.

Pinuccia does not accept the refusal of Cavaliere Alessandro

“Alessandro doesn’t go out, he stays at the hotel with his friends”, began Maria De Filippi explaining to Pinuccia the reason why Alessandro didn’t go to dinner with her. The lady, however, could not accept it: “I’m mortified, I really didn’t believe in such a thing”. Then, addressing the 92-year-old, he added: “If you don’t want me and you want to go with you, tell me that I’ll retire to my convent.” THEThe reference is to the other lady on the show, Dona Rosália.

At this point, the presenter clarified the situation: “Pinuccia doesn’t want to go with you or the lady. You don’t have to beg for dinner, it’s not done. He says yes because you wear him out”. But she still didn’t want to get over it: “I don’t believe. How many women came here, I was the first”.

The clash between Pinuccia and Maria De Filippi in Men and Women

The discussion then became more heated and Maria De Filippi raised the tone: “Let’s pretend he’s gay, he doesn’t want to come. pinuccia, he wants to be alone, he doesn’t want you or Rosalia. Renounce yourself.” The lady then went to the center of the studio and replied: “So what did he come here for?” “It’s my business that I make him come, it’s my fault. He comes here because I invite him, because I like to see him”, concluded the De Filippi.

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