Daniele Dal Moro extinguishes Elenoire Ferruzzi’s romantic dreams: “For me she is a friend, she has nothing”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro clarifies his relationship with Elenoire Ferruzzi and, faced with questions from Giaele De Donà, replies that he does not reciprocate the romantic interest of his roommate: “For me she is a friend”.

Author: Stefania Rocco

Courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro does not reciprocate the romantic interest of Elenoire Ferruzzi. He made it clear a few hours ago at Casa del Big Brother VIP also in response to what happened during the reality show’s live broadcast on October 24th. The gieffino became fully aware of Ferruzzi’s feelings towards him and, in response to questions from Giaele De Donahe decided to be clear to avoid future misunderstandings.

Daniele Dal Moro confesses to Giaele that he doesn’t return Elenoire’s feelings

Speaking with Giaele, Daniele admitted that she sensed Elenoire’s interest which, however, she doesn’t reciprocate in the same way: “I try to be clear in my behaviors and attitudes, I make sure that things are not misrepresented. So I’m not stupid, I realized that Elenoire likes me, but I don’t feel… what should I do? Don’t you talk to her anymore? It’s important to me here too, but I’m sure… She would like a hug or a kiss in the morning and it’s easier for me to hug someone else than she does. Because if I do that to her, I’m not doing her any good. She gets angry, takes me into words, but that’s okay“. Giaele then tried to see clearly, asking him to explain certain attitudes: “I saw that you kissed her in the mold, that you fed her a banana. Is there anything for you?“. But Dal Moro did not hesitate: “Absolutely not. For me she is a friend“.

Daniele: “I don’t want to end the relationship with Elenoire”

But also the phrases ‘You are my Big Brother’ or ‘Come with me…’. She told me when you were in crisis you asked her to go away with you“I asked Giaele again, a question to which Daniele responded as follows:”But maybe it was ‘Go away too’. I assure you that I am serene. I know that whatever I do, she creates more bonds, but I don’t feel like cutting off relationships with her or limiting them to the bare minimum. I have fun, he’s a smart person I like to talk to“. The woman then advised him to clarify also to avoid misunderstandings and the repetition of disputes such as that of Nikita Pelizon: “Try to settle the score ’cause I assure you she didn’t understand“(Here the video).

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