College 7, surprisingly there is prof. Peticchio but is the sister of the original

The College 7

In the third episode of Il Collegio 7, a new teacher appears by surprise. Her name is Petlicchio, but she is not Maria Rosa, but the namesake Annamaria and she teaches history.

Author: Andrea Parrella

The College 7

Professor Peticchio at College 7 It’s there, but it’s not what it looks like. In the show’s third episode, viewers discover the entry of a new character into the faculty. It is precisely Professor Petlicchio, the sister of the original. It’s not actually a happy surprise return, but the arrival of a new cast member.

Annamaria Peticchio is Maria Rosa’s sister

Annamaria Peticchio she is in fact the new teacher of Collegio 7, sister of that Maria Rosa who was the symbol of five editions of the College, becoming one of the most popular faces of the program. Annamaria Petlicchio doesn’t teach math, but history, and was introduced in the third episode of the show by director Bosisio, who introduced the new teacher in a playful way, letting students and students from 1958 believe it was the return of Maria Rosa Petlicchio. To betray them, initially, also a clear resemblance between the two women, not surprisingly sisters. After being tricked, the students immediately realized that something was wrong, before remembering the different first name of prof. Petolicchio “Original”.

Maria Rosa Peticchio
Maria Rosa Peticchio

Why Maria Rosa Petlicchio left the College

The absence of Maria Rosa Petlicchio was one of the elements that characterized this new season of the show. A somewhat inexplicable loss, if we consider the success of the character, which a few days ago Maria Rosa Petlicchio had explained to in an interview, declaring that she was excluded from the production a few weeks before the start of recordings, despite the promises of the previous months. : “It wasn’t my idea not to participate, I was made by production decisions.”

However, a reward arrived for Maria Rosa Petlicchio a few days later, with the announcement of her participation in the next edition of the Beijing Express along with former program student Andrea Di Piero.

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