Henry Cavill’s Reason For Leaving ‘The Witcher’ Series

While his return to DC could have played a major role in his departure from “The Witcher,” it’s also true that the actor disagrees with some of the decisions made in the series’ production, as they not faithful to the books.

It should be remembered that Cavill assured on the YouTube channel of the series: “I am a big fan of the books and I I’ll stay loyal to them… It’s about making sure the story unfolds without too many detours or side issues clouding the waters.”

It is for this reason that for the third season, the actor wanted the series to be more faithful to the story written by Sapkowski.

A few days ago, the former screenwriter of the series Beau DeMayo He pointed out that the changes that have occurred in Netflix’s fiction are due to the fact that many of his colleagues didn’t like some of the things in the books and games.

Source: El heraldo