Totti filmed with Noemi Bocchi, gossip with Antonella Fiordelisi did not drive them away

Totti filmed with Noemi Bocchi, gossip with Antonella Fiordelisi did not drive them away

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi were surprised as, in harmony as ever, they chose the furniture for their new home. The gossip about the supposed message to Antonella Fiordelisi did not turn them away.

Author: Stefania Rocco

The bomb dropped by Antonella Fjordelisi during the last episode of Big Brother VIP didn’t turn around Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi who, on the contrary, continue to live their love story undisturbed. To Witness is a video posted on Instagram by Gianfranco Fresegna, a former tempter of Island of Temptation.

The meeting with Noemi Bocchi and Totti in Caserta

Fresegna met Noemi and Totti while they were picking out furniture for their new home at a salon in the province of Caserta. The young man took advantage of the meeting to ask the idol for an autograph, which he had his shirt signed. Noemi remained in the background, engaged in animated conversation. The daughter of ex-husband Mario Caucci was also present.

Totti's autograph for Gianfranco Fresegna
Totti’s autograph for Gianfranco Fresegna

Antonella Fiordelisi: “Totti wrote to me when he was already with Noemi Bocchi”

It was Antonella Fiordelisi, competitor of Big Brother VIP. To drop a bomb during the last episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. “Totti wrote me, he just texted me, he wrote ‘Hello’. It happened a few months ago”, said the influencer, launching an assistance to maestro Alfonso Signorini who underlined the fact that, if the times told by Antonella correspond to the truth, the message would have arrived when the former Roma captain was already linked to Noemi Bocchi. His friend Alex Nuccetelli came to defend Totti, according to whom that message was just the result of a misunderstanding:

First of all, I say that I don’t have to justify myself for anything. Francesco assured me that he does not know this person, nor did he know of his existence. He doesn’t know how to use social media well and he told me that you often find a like and send a greeting or a message, but he swore to me that he didn’t know Antonella. I’m receiving messages and phone calls indicating Fiordelisi’s absolute kindness, who made no mention of Francesco’s advances towards her. Where there could likely be a civil hello or thanks due to the many likes received on their stories. I leave it to the public, who aren’t stupid, how media attention is sometimes sought, but on this particular fact I think it’s clear. If the hello had been from some pinco pallo, he wouldn’t have been mentioned to Big Brother Vip.”

Source: Fan Page IT