Oriana Marzoli approaches Antonella, but the fight begins: “You don’t want to do this to me”

Oriana Marzoli approaches Antonella, but the fight begins: “You don’t want to do this to me”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Oriana Marzoli and Antonella Fiordelisi do not find a meeting point, when the new entry of GF VIP sought clarification with the influencer, he found a wall: “You don’t want to do this to me, stay calm”.

Author: Gaia Martino

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

the entry of Oriana Marzoli wreaked havoc on the house Big Brother VIP. As soon as it arrived, it attracted the displeasure of most of the girls on the reality show, especially that of Antonella Fjordelisi who immediately did not hide his hatred. Yesterday, the face of Spanish television tried to get closer to the Campania influencer, looking for a comparison: however, there doesn’t seem to be a meeting point between the two, at least for now.

The confrontation between Antonella Fiordelisi and Oriana Marzoli

Antonella Fiordelisi cannot forget what happened on the last episode of the GF VIP live and try to find common ground with Oriana Marzoli. Last night, when the Venezuelan woman tried to clarify with her, she found a wall: “I’ve been told that you’re angry because I talked to Edoardo, but I didn’t say anything wrong, maybe you misunderstoodand “said the face of Spanish television. Antonella’s immediate response:”When you entered this house, we were in the kitchen talking, you did not introduce yourself to me and Edoardo. As soon as I entered the confessional… you spoke to him“.

Tempers began to heat up when Oriana tried to explain that she hadn’t done anything wrong, then Antonella’s taunt: “You don’t want to do something to me, I usually tell you that.” The two began to argue, also about the issue of bikini training. “If I train in a bikini, I do it for myself. Do you think I need to be watched by four men who are here?like this Fjordelisi: “There’s more, can’t you tell?”. There it comes and goes, “Stay calm”, “Stake it easy you, it seems you like to fight”. A clarification now seems distant between the two.

The confrontation between Oriana and Giaele De Donà

Unlike her tenant Antonella, Giaele De Donà sought to get to know Oriana Marzoli better. After having expressed his thoughts to her about choosing to film constantly in costume – “You also had lunch in a costume, it’s rude. It’s rude, it’s rude. It’s like going to church in a short skirt.“- discovered an unprecedented complicity. “I prefer you who come to tell me instead of talking behind my back, you told me in a way that shows that you are sincere“, concluded Oriana.

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