Vanessa Incontrada to Zelig: “I can’t pee, idiot” and Bisio: “He can’t do it because he has a sheath”

On Canale5 Zelig is back, with Vanessa Incontrada and Claudio Bisio. The presenter, as always frank, was carried away by hilarious curtains with Bisio.

Author: Daniela Seclì

Wednesday, November 9, Canale5 gave way to the first of three episodes of the new edition of Zelig🇧🇷 In driving, one of the most united couples on the small screen, Vanessa Unsuccessful AND Cláudio Bísio🇧🇷 In an interview with IlFattoQuotidiano, the presenter announced that the episode will be dedicated to Bruno Arena, comedian from Fichi D’India (along with Max Cavallari, ed.) who passed away on September 27, 2022: “The first episode will be dedicated to Bruno Arena, the restaurant room viale Monza is dedicated to him with an official plaque. We will close this edition with a film of figs. All his performances were unique”.

The unexpected events of the show

Claudio Bisio, as they say, doesn’t have a lisp in his mouth. Upon returning from a commercial break, he made it known that it’s a shame viewers don’t see what’s happening while the commercials air. Vanessa Incontrada then revealed: “It’s not a shame what I said, I said I was running out of pee”🇧🇷 And Bísio: “Yes and you can’t do that because you have the scabbard.” The presenter laughed: “I pee, stop it, what an idiot.”

The complicity between Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada

Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada proved to be the united couple ever. Lots of jokes during the episode. For example, the conductor helped his colleague to pronounce the word “hendecasyllabic“, in which Incontrada claimed to have difficulty. And as she experimented with the word, there was a small sob:”Claudio I spit on you“. And the conductor promptly:”we are so protected“. The theme of dressings and masks also marked the opening of the episode. Bisio actually recalled how, in the last edition, everyone present wore masks: “Last year we were very excited. All of you were wearing the mask I remember. Now just these two, three positives, for good reason.”🇧🇷 Vanessa burst out laughing: “Let’s hope not”🇧🇷

Vanessa Incontrada and the sweaty mustache

To particularly amuse Vanessa Incontrada, comedian Eddy Mirabella, who, armed with a hula hoop, performed improbable stunts. Several times during the hilarious presentation, the presenter could not contain her laughter and, at the end of the number, commented: “What an effort, I swear to you, I can’t take it anymore, I have a sweaty mustache🇧🇷

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