Vanessa Incontrada changes style for the first episode of Zelig: bun and dress with bare shoulders

Vanessa Incontrada changes style for the first episode of Zelig: bun and dress with bare shoulders

The new edition of Zelig started on Wednesday, November 9: Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada return to the helm, showing a more sophisticated and mysterious style.

Author: Beatrice Manca

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They are one of the most united couples on Italian television: Vanessa Unsuccessful AND Cláudio Bísio they are together again in charge of Zelig. The famous comedy show channel 5 turns 25 and set off again on Wednesday, November 9, for three episodes of primetime events. To make the announcement, the presenter chose a long dress in copper color, as bright as her personality. For the first episode, however, he decided to change the look to show a more mysterious and sophisticated side.

Vanessa Incontrada for Zelig in all black

For the new season of the show, Zelig has chosen an exceptional location: the Arcimboldi theater. The conductors took the stage improvising a small choreography, overwhelmed by the audience’s applause: for the occasion, the Spanish actress chose a black long-sleeved dress with a bateau neckline that left her shoulders exposed. The long dress, with a rigorous cut, represents a change of pace from the colorful dresses we are used to seeing and the lace hem dresses from the latest edition. In one of his typical curtains, Claudio Bisio also ‘revealed’ a secret of the look: the hem underneath the dress.

Vanessa Incontrada looks sophisticated with maxi earrings and a bun

The presenter also changed her hairstyle: she collected her famous wavy waves in a bun pulled at the back of her neck, for a true diva effect. The minimalist look was embellished with maxi and sparkling earrings: a point of light to illuminate the whole in total black. New look, same energy: Cláudio Bísio AND Vanessa Unsuccessful have shown, once again, that they have a unique complicity and an indestructible sympathy that shows no signs of abating over time.

Source: Fan Page IT