Stereo Picnic continues after shock over death Taylor Hawkins

The festival Stereo Picnic from Bogotá arrived this Saturday on the central day, on which they performed J Balvin, Martin Garrix and C Tanganaafter the commotion experienced this Friday by the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins hours earlier Foo Fighters I had to go on the main stage.

It was the return of the “Niño de Medellín” to the stages of his country since the pandemic and after being immersed in various controversies, such as the one that arose after the publication of the video clip of ‘Female dog’ in which he appeared while walking several black women on a leash.

Calvin was the central performer of the day, in which the Briceño golf club was flooded with more urban sounds, rap, trap and electronics.

The attendees could also listen to the presentation in Colombia of the tour “Without singing or voices” by C Tanganathe return to the Colombian capital of the British group Jungle and dancing with producers Martin Garrix and Fatboy Slim.

The Coastal Representation was in charge of the binomial gold, group that also shook the stage with its Vallenato.

Source: El heraldo