“Mediaset overtakes Rai”, but public service denies: “We won since the beginning of the year”

After Mediaset’s enthusiasm to overtake Rai for the first time in 18 years in October comes the response from the utility company that claims its successes.

Author: Andrea Parrella

A few hours after the press conference in which Mediaset claimed the primacy of audiences in October, Rai responds with a press release that lists the results achieved by the company in recent months and claims primacy throughout the year. 🇧🇷Auditel’s data from the beginning of the year to October 31 last for the Prime evening program for all Rai channels – writes the company – a good share of 37.3% against 35.9% of the second television group “. The press release continues as follows:

The dominance of the Rai channels is also maintained throughout the day, with 36.2% against 35.4% of the second group. The dominance seems even greater if we refer to generalist networks. Also with reference to the first ten months of the current year, during prime time, the share of the three Rai networks (Rai1, Rai2 and Rai3) is equal to 31.5% against 25.7% of the three networks in the competing group. The advantage of the Rai networks is also evident throughout the day: a total of 29.6% share against 25.3%”.

Two different analyzes and with different interests. If Mediaset did indeed isolate the data for the month of October, during which it actually collected aggregated data from all channels above Rai, the utility company extends the time horizon and highlights the prime-time success data: “The clear dominance of Rai’s generalist channels is also evident in the current season (data from Sept. % and for all day at 30.6% compared to 27.1%. In the same period, Rai1 confirmed its leadership among all television channels with a 20.6% share in prime time against 16.5 in the second The lead is also maintained for the whole day with 19.1%”.

The numbers displayed by Mediaset referred to a result that had not arrived for 18 years, which emerged from an analysis of Phrases Studio reported a few days ago by Il Sole 24 Ore: with 37.97% of Mediaset against 37.19% of Rai , a Biscione networks were the most viewed in the daily average of the month of October 2022.

Source: Fan Page IT