Victoria De Angelis, the see-through t-shirt with the ironic message: cover your nipples with stars

Victoria De Angelis is in Los Angeles with the Maneskins and took advantage of a crazy night to show off one of her daring and provocative looks. She defied censorship with a see-through top and, in addition to covering her nipples with stars, also sent an ironic message.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

THE maneskin they are traveling the world with their music: since winning Sanremo 2021 until today they have practically never stopped, they have always been busy with spectacular performances and international tours that have sold out almost every stage. They’ve been in Los Angeles for a few days now, and as with pretty much all of their travels, they’re indulging in social life and wild parties as soon as they leave the stage. To attract the public’s attention in the last few hours was mainly the bassist Victoria De Angelis: With her new look, she not only defied censorship, but also sent a super ironic message.

Victoria De Angelis see-through T-shirt

On stage we are used to seeing her in a rock and bondage version between leather corsets, cut velvet bodysuits and men’s suits worn without a bra, but the particular thing is that Victoria loves to be provocative even on a daily basis. She has shown this several times on social media, where on more than one occasion she has posed topless or completely naked. In the last few hours, she revealed her most ironic soul with a hyper sensual but at the same time original look. In fact, she wore a fully transparent black T-shirt signed Omighty, a cropped model whose peculiarity is in the embroidered writing on the chest. What’s written? 🇧🇷It’s so obvious that everyone in LA wants to sleep with me”, or “It’s so obvious that everyone in LA wants to sleep with me”🇧🇷

the mighty top
the mighty top

Maneskin win defies censorship

To complete the evening look, Victoria recycled her 2000s-style jacket, the one with the fur collar and sleeves, although she left it unbuttoned to show off the shirt. Being transparent though, she revealed her nipples, so the bassist used a little “trick” to avoid Instagram censorship. As she had done in the past, this time she also designed mini stars on her breasts, turning them into real nipple covers. Of course, he still left little room for imagination, but on the other hand he avoided being banned from social media. How many will be inspired by your ironic look for the fall releases?

Source: Fan Page IT