Gerry Scotti gets emotional when remembering Piero Sonaglia: “It’s important, but I find it difficult to talk about it”

During the Tu Si Que Vales semifinal, Gerry Scotti was moved to remember with affection Piero Sonaglia, the program’s historical studies assistant, who passed away on April 2nd. “This year you didn’t hear me call Piero. It’s a thought that I kept inside me”, said the judge and conductor.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

in the semifinal of You If You Are Worth🇧🇷 Gerry Scotti he wanted to remember Piero Sonaglia, assistant of historical studies who was always present in the programs of the Charm of Maria De Filippi, of the same Tu si Que Vales for Men and Women, who died on the 2nd of April.

Gerry Scotti remembers Piero Sonaglia in the Tu Si Que Vales semifinal

The judge and the conductor waited for the semifinal of the program to dedicate a I thought of Piero Sonaglia, historical face in the family of Tu si Que Vales and also in several other shows by Maria De Filippi. At the end of the episode, Gerry Scotti took center stage for a moment entirely dedicated to him, who passed away on April 2, appears to have been knocked down after a football match. The conductor said: 🇧🇷It’s from the first episode that I have to say something importantI also find it a little difficult to say”🇧🇷 He then stopped for emotionto the applause of the audience and the other judges. 🇧🇷You didn’t hear me call Piero this year🇧🇷 It’s a thought I’ve kept inside, it’s an applause that goes out to all those who love him.” continued.

The words of Maria De Filippi

On the same day of Piero Sonaglia’s death, Maria De Filippi wanted to say goodbye with love through a shared place on the Men and Women page. For the presenter it was a Marchperson with whom you shared much of your work:

It really hurts. Your voice, your face, your attentive look, your way of being, the ability to listen. Always striving to try to do the right thing. I started with you. I have always lived my work with you, with your smile and strong shoulders, ready to bring your team and me first, always safe and sound in port. In the right way, for everyone. And every time I’m in the studio I won’t stop looking for your eyes in the certainty that I’ll find you, that you’ll understand me in a second as always, in the certainty that you’ll lift your thumb to tell me that everything is fine. I loved you, I love you and I will always love you

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